Anyone willing to put in a hard week’s work should be able to feed their family, find a decent place to live, and save a little for the future. But I see too many people in our district stuck living paycheck to paycheck, picking up extra shifts or second jobs just trying to make ends meet. People are afraid that this will be the first generation in American history not to do better than their parents, something we once took for granted in this country. Tom McClintock doesn’t understand that, and he isn’t fighting for the middle class and small businesses of our district. I’ll do everything I can to create good paying jobs for all the hard-working families of this district. As your Congresswoman, I will work to...


The majority of private sector jobs in the Sierra are in companies with 10 or fewer employees. Small business owners and entrepreneurs are paying taxes but not getting a lot out of it, as Washington seems only to help big companies get bigger. I’ll work to ensure a fair playing field by streamlining regulations to make them simpler to comply with, making it easier for small firms to do business with the federal government, and enforcing anti-monopoly rules.


It’s getting harder and harder for people without a post-high school education to earn a decent living, and yet many employers have jobs available but can’t find workers with the right skills. I want to close the gap between young job seekers and the employers who need them, by funding paid apprenticeship programs. Apprenticeships combine paid work with classroom training, allowing workers to earn a living while learning on the job. The President has announced a goal of creating 5 million paid apprenticeships, and I’ll work to make that a reality by appropriating the necessary funding & simplifying the process for businesses to apply for it.


I strongly believe that our district’s biggest challenges are also a tremendous employment opportunity, and that government can be a partner in making that happen. Milling excess and beetle-killed timber, cutting fire breaks, building affordable housing, and installing solar panels are just a few examples of industries that put our people to work while addressing real community needs. When Tom McClintock votes against these priorities, he votes against good-paying local jobs that can never be outsourced. I’ll be a champion for local industries, putting them and their workers ahead of partisanship or ideology.


Congress could have passed a tax reform aimed at helping the struggling middle class, but it didn’t. Instead Tom McClintock voted for a law that will raise taxes on most people in the district by 2027, while giving most of the benefits to wealthy special interests and creating $1.9 trillion in new debt that our grandkids will have to pay for. We need to start over with real middle-class tax reform that preserves cuts for working families, restores the full deduction for state and local taxes, and reverses budget-busting giveaways to campaign donors.


Unnecessary tariffs on allies like Canada and the European Union are already destroying jobs and raising prices here in the US. Tariffs on steel and aluminum will cost over 400,000 jobs in industries that use those products, 16 times as many jobs as will be created. And the trade war with China is already closing markets and lowering incomes for farmers, ranchers, and small business people in the district. The US can protect itself from trade abuses without needlessly damaging our own economy.