Protesters walk out of Tom McClintock’s town hall, vowing to replace him

September 20, 2017

The Sacramento Bee | Angela Hart

Jessica Morse, a Democrat running against McClintock who previously worked at the Department of Defense, the State Department and in Iraq for the United States Agency for International Development, listened to the crowd inside and out. She said she’s running because she feels the district has been under-represented in Congress for years.

The Trump effect: Women aren’t just marching, they’re running

July 8, 2017

San Francisco Chronicle | Joe Garofoli

“If not me, who? And if not now, when?” said Morse, 35, a former State Department employee who spent time in Iraq during the war a decade ago. “What is there to be afraid of? I’ve been to Iraq.” ... “I’ve always been either the only woman in the room or the youngest by 30 years,” Morse said. “Whenever people have told me that I can’t do something, I just say, ‘Watch me.’”

In desire to turn red states blue, D.C. women return to home towns to run for office

July 8, 2017

The Washington Post | Michael Alison Chandler

Jessica Morse, 35, a national-security strategist who worked for the Defense Department and State Department under Obama, returned to her home district in Northern California to run against incumbent Republican Rep. Tom McClintock.

Meet 2018 Democratic Congressional Candidates July 6th in Auburn

June 27, 2017

In 2016 Republicans regained control of the Presidency, the House of Representatives, the Senate and the Supreme Court. In an attempt to regain seats, Democratic challengers have been declaring their candidacies to run against incumbent Republican Congressional representatives in the 2018 mid-term-elections.

Coup d' éTom, Part 1

June 25, 2017

52 Breads: Weekly Action During Trump's First Year

Jessica Morse has lived in more third-world countries than most Americans have lived in states.  Fresh out of college, there was Ethiopia, where she worked for a famine relief NGO. Then there was a gig in Iraq with the U.S. Agency for International Development.  In India, while at the U.S. Pacific Command, she was tasked with strengthening the U.S./India defense relationship.  And in Nepal, she followed her own vision, helping Nepalese women launch careers as mountain guides.

McClintock faces handmaids protest at Jackson town hall

June 22, 2017

The Union Democrat | Alex Maclean

Mother Lode residents who oppose policies supported by U.S. Rep. Tom McClintock don’t appear to be letting the pressure off the Republican from Elk Grove anytime soon.

McClintock, the representative for California’s Congressional District 4, held a town hall meeting Monday in Jackson where a group of about a dozen women from Amador and Calaveras counties staged a protest that garnered national media attention from the left-leaning website The Huffington Post.