As the daughter of public schoolteachers and a product of northern California’s public-school systems, I believe education is one of the most important investments Americans can make. Every child, regardless of socio-economic background or zip code should have access to a quality education, in a safe and welcoming facility, led by passionate and caring teachers and administrators.  

As your Congresswoman, I will work to...

Attract and retain the best educators and administrators. The average teacher in our district makes about $65,000 per year. Teaching is a professional job deserving of professional pay.  Teachers are as important in our children’s lives as doctors, and are just as valuable to their growth and development. Every successful company invests heavily in human capital, and our community needs to make the same investment in our teachers.

Ensure we are making an early and lasting investment in our students. I will be a strong advocate for universal preschool in our district’s school systems. Long-term studies show that funding early childhood education can have societal benefits of over $8 for every $1 spent on these programs, including increases in students' earnings as adults and lower government spending on social services. Preschool programs can also boost the economic prospects of two generations, because parents of young children can rejoin the workforce knowing that their children's education is off to a good start.

Introduce more flexibility into measuring student success. Standardized testing does not always appropriately measure the progression of the learning process. Educators need the flexibility to measure individual student success in ways that can accurately reflect individual achievements, and does not arbitrarily impose standards on our kids.

Guarantee high quality school nutrition for our children. One-half of the households in our mountain counties are food-insecure. Too often, the only meal some children receive each day is their school lunch. That school lunch needs to be well-rounded and provide quality nutrients to our kids to allow them to focus on learning, and help them develop into healthy young adults.