I grew up hiking, backpacking, camping, and fishing throughout our Sierra. Like many people in our community, many of my most cherished memories are times I spent outside with my friends and family. Our district is blessed with many of the most incredible landscapes in the United States, which enrich our lives and support our large recreation economy. We are also on the front line of environmental policy, especially regarding public lands protection and climate change. It’s heartbreaking to hike familiar trails and see slopes of trees killed by beetle infestations or communities decimated by fire. Budget cuts to our National Parks and Forest Service are putting our treasured public lands at risk and seriously threatening the small businesses that depend on them. From warming temperatures that increase bark beetle populations, to a rising snow line that impacts seasonal jobs and leads to water scarcity, changing climate is affecting our landscape, economy, and lives in very real ways. I will work to protect the natural resources in our district, while at the same time creating jobs by leveraging our resources in a sustainable manner. Conservation and a strong economy can and should go hand in hand. As your Congresswoman, I will work to...


The public lands in our district are not only treasured for their beauty and unique ecosystems but also because they are some of the greatest assets in our communities. The visitors they draw drive many of our local economies. Last year, Yosemite National Park generated more than $450 million dollars in spending which created over 6,500 local jobs and nearly two-thirds of the Tahoe area’s economic output was the result of tourism. We must fully fund the National Park Service and the U.S. Forest Service and, unlike our current representative, I will oppose legislation that cuts funding for their operations, upkeep, and filling job vacancies. I also support spending Federal energy development royalties to update the $11.6 billion of park infrastructure in need of repair. Tom McClintock has pushed bills that would allow for the clearcutting of forests and sale of public lands across the West that - like our own - are meant for the enjoyment of all Americans. This is short sighted thinking that will ultimately disadvantage our communities. Our district is the most beautiful in America and it deserves a representative that wants to keep it that way.


California is at the forefront of our nation’s shift to clean energy. The market forces driving this transition present an opportunity for new jobs in wind power, solar power, and energy efficiency. Already, our district has more than 13,000 clean energy jobs, and we can grow this sector even further. In Congress, I will lead efforts to preserve the wind and solar tax credits, end job-killing tariffs on solar technologies, and enact nationwide renewable energy goals. We should also be increasing investment in energy efficiency and groundbreaking technologies like battery storage and carbon capture. Our district has the opportunity to turn beetle-killed trees into an incredible resource and job creator by leveraging the potential of woody biomass power plants. I will fight to ensure that biomass receives the same Federal benefits as other renewable energy sources. Strong support for all forms of clean energy will ensure that the United States remains ahead of our many competitors around the world.


Our current representative has long refused to recognize the scientific consensus about our world’s changing climate. He’s out of touch with the 80% of Californians who recognize that climate will affect their quality of life and economic future. In the Sierra, we have seen impacts firsthand, with longer fire seasons and reduced snowpacks. That’s why I support a market-based, comprehensive approach - such as a fee and dividend that returns money to taxpayers - that will bring the price of greenhouse gas emissions in line with their true cost to our economy. I will work with members of both parties to strengthen the growing bipartisan movement in Congress to take action on climate. This challenge presents an opportunity to come together and unite on an issue that affects all Americans, and those of us living in the Sierra in particular.