Fiscal Responsibility

We all work hard for our money - and we should be able to trust that the government is using our taxes wisely and effectively. 

In Congress, Jess will work to...

Foster innovation in our agencies. The government can do more with less if we can come up with creative and innovative ways to work. We should be looking at our country's greatest start-ups for inspiration to run a lean, efficient operation.

Make smart investments. The government spends billions of dollars on thousands of projects all over the country. We should be spending the tax dollars of the American people on projects that will see a substantial return on investment, including broadband in rural parts of the country and on ensuring our National Parks are sustained for generations. 

Stop irresponsible government shutdowns. The 2013 government shutdown cost our economy $24 billion. Jessica will work with anyone to ensure our tax dollars are used responsibly and not blown on a wasteful government shutdown that does nothing for us.