Jessica Morse Releases First TV Ad of General Election

Spot highlights independence, dedication to fighting for community in Congress


Friday, September 14th, 2018

ROSEVILLE, Calif. ā€“ Today, the Morse for Congress campaign released its first TV ad of the general election in the 4th Congressional District race. Titled "Morse Code," the ad highlights Jessica's commitment to putting partisanship aside to address our challenges and fight for this community in Washington ā€“ which she describes as "a new Morse Code." The spot will air in a combination of broadcast and cable in the Sacramento, Fresno, and Reno media markets.

A full transcript is below, and the ad can be viewed here.

MORSE (TO CAMERA):  "I'm Jessica Morse. My ancestor invented the Morse Code as a way for people to communicate. Right now, Congress could sure use a better way of communicating.

"That's why Iā€™m running. I've worked with both Democratic and Republican Presidents and have seen what can be accomplished when partisanship is put aside.

"We need a new Morse Code to get Washington moving again. I'll work with anyone, no matter their party, to lower healthcare and prescription drug costs, to build our economy, and to fight for our community.

MORSE (TO CAMERA): "That's my code. I'm Jessica Morse, and I approve this message."