Jessica Morse Statement on Crisis at the Border


Wednesday, June 20th, 2018
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ROSEVILLE, Calif. – Jessica Morse, candidate for Congress in California's 4th district, released the following statement this afternoon upon news that the Trump Administration was ending its policy of family separation at the border:

"I am relieved that the Department of Homeland Security will cease cruelly dividing families and begin moving toward a more humane deliberation process. While our country faces real security challenges, it is not only heartless but fiscally irresponsible to spend three times as much locking children away from their parents rather than investing in real security solutions. While many prominent Republicans spoke out to end this policy, Congressman Tom McClintock continues to be more interested in placing blame than owning up to his failure to address our broken immigration system during his 10 years in Congress. 
"Just a few years ago, McClintock and his allies in the House blocked a vote on the first bipartisan comprehensive immigration bill in decades, which would have beefed up border security and addressed the immigration backlog so that families and our economy could have the stability to succeed. In fact, during his decades in elected office, McClintock has failed to offer a single workable solution to this very real crisis, doing nothing but issuing press releases and empty rhetoric. In Congress, I pledge to support legislation that both strengthens border protections and addresses the crisis humanely."