With high rates of poverty and limited jobs for our graduates at home, we need to address the structural challenges in our economy and invest in real solutions.

In Congress, Jess will work to...

Bring high speed internet to all communities. We can't compete until all of our communities have access to high speed internet. From modern agricultural equipment to rural hospitals, reliable and fast internet is vital to a functional economy. Our children will never be able to compete in the global economy unless we give them the the keys to access it.  

Turn problems into economic opportunities. With the right ideas, today's problems are tomorrow's opportunities. The 120 million dead trees in the Sierras can become new logging and milling jobs on-site. Fire danger provides infinite jobs in fire prevention. A rusty, leaking municipal pipe system can be the catalyst for construction and plumbing projects. Our communities will thrive with new employment opportunities if we provide vocational training for specific needs and hire for anticipated disasters - and this will prove cheaper than paying for damage control later on.

Create green energy jobs here at home. South Lake Tahoe has just switched to 100 percent renewable energy and other communities should follow. Renewable energy jobs are the future and we can revitalize our communities by taking the lead in California and the country.

Encourage local farming. Many of our rural communities are land rich but cash poor and nutrition often suffers. We need to encourage small organic farms and provide vocational training in organic farming to help people establish one to five acre farms on their own property. We must also allow school lunch programs to purchase the fresh local produce our community grows, providing a direct link to nutrition and children in the community.  

Link Vocational Skills with Businesses Needs. Our workforce needs to be trained for the jobs needed in our community. Linking high schools, community colleges, and vocational training with the Chambers of Commerce and business leaders will ensure that students graduate with an employable skill set. Our rural hospitals need nurses aids and technicians. Cal Fire needs workers to build fire breaks and do fire prevention outreach. We need loggers and micro-mills to return our forests to a healthy density. We need ranchers to help graze-away dense fire areas.