jobs and the economy

My family spans the geographic and economic spectrum of California’s 4th district. We are loggers and lawyers, janitors and school teachers, firefighters and police officers. I’ve seen my family benefit from wise public investments and lose out on economic opportunities because of bad policies. I’m running because I want every member of our community to have the tools, resources, and opportunities to succeed on their own. That means connecting our district to the modern economy through high-speed broadband, teaching the skills that new jobs demand, preserving a level playing field for small businesses, and growing new industries that solve problems for our people.

As your Congresswoman, I will work to...

Bring high speed internet to rural communities. Fast, reliable internet is as vital to today’s economy as electricity and running water. It’s what allows our small business owners to market their products; our farmers to run modern agricultural equipment; our teachers to connect children to a world of educational resources; and our hospitals to deliver the highest quality of care.

Our current representative has held our economy back by voting against bills that would have improved internet access in the district. I will be a champion for closing the rural digital divide. I will support efforts to establish an Office of Rural Broadband in the US Department of Agriculture, to coordinate federal efforts. I’ll support federal loans and grants to expand access. I’ll identify existing federal land and assets in the district that can be used for broadband infrastructure, such as the fibers already laid down under highway 80 from Roseville to Reno, which should be in use. And I’ll work to modernize the Federal Communications Act, originally written for telephones, to reflect the realities of the digital age.

Prepare workers with the skills our employers need. I will advocate for training our district’s young people for the skills needed in our community. Our rural hospitals need nurse’s aides and technicians; Cal Fire needs workers to build fire breaks; mills need loggers to return our forests to a healthy density. I will partner with chambers of commerce and local business leaders to ensure that students graduate with an employable skill set. As a member of Congress, I will work to preserve and expand grants for career and technical education in community colleges and vocational institutes. I will also explore creative ideas to allow our high school students to pursue their career interests while completing their degrees. I am committed to making sure training in employable skills continues to provide a pathway into the middle class for the next generation in our district.

Support our small businesses. Our district is full of innovators and risk-takers, people who’ve started their own businesses and created jobs in their towns. But all too often, the current Administration seems to favor the largest companies over the small businesses that drive our local economies. I will be an advocate for rebalancing our economy toward local enterprise, through tax fairness, regulatory reform, and a real anti-monopoly policy.

Turn problems into economic opportunities. In examining the challenges facing our district, I see opportunities to create new, stable jobs. Appropriately harvesting the more than 120 million trees killed by the bark beetle in the Sierra can provide material for our wood products industry, and fuel for biomass energy production. Protecting our homes and communities against fire can create jobs in fire prevention. Fixing our rusty, leaking municipal pipe systems can be the catalyst for infrastructure projects. I will ensure that federal risk management strategies connect to rural economic development policies, allowing our businesses to put people to work helping to solve problems.  

Create clean energy jobs here at home. The renewable energy sector has been one of the country’s fastest growing industries in recent years. Employment in solar and wind energy is growing 12 times faster than the overall US economy, and the power generation from solar energy now employs more people than generation from coal, oil, and gas combined. Here in our district, the cities of South Lake Tahoe and Truckee have just pledged to go to 100 percent renewable energy by 2032, and other communities may follow. Yet the current administration has ignored this dynamic energy sector to instead focus on dirty, last-generation fuels. I will protect fundamental scientific research on renewable energy, defend bipartisan agreements on incentives for the renewable energy industry, and ensure investments that bring jobs back to our community.