I believe everyone should have access to affordable, quality healthcare. Our health system is dysfunctional, but instead of working to make commonsense fixes, our Representative has voted to take away coverage and raise costs for people in our district. I will work to bring down healthcare costs for everyone, so that medical expenses are less of burden on families and the government. And I’ll support greater choice and competition, by allowing everyone the option of buying into Medicare if they want. As your Congresswoman, I will work to...


Tom McClintock voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act, with no plan to replace it— a vote that would have allowed insurers to again deny coverage to the nearly 300,000 people in our district with pre-existing medical conditions. When repeal failed, he supported a plan of sabotage that has raised Covered California premiums by 9% this year, or $3,270 for a family of four. I will work to protect and improve the ACA, by ending the marketplace chaos that is driving up prices, and working with legislators from both parties to pass bipartisan fixes that improve on current law.


However we choose to pay for it, the basic problem of our healthcare system is that costs are too high. I will focus relentlessly on making it cheaper and easier to purchase healthcare, and bringing our costs in line with other industrialized nations. Here are some ideas:

·       Lower prescription drug costs. Currently Congress prohibits Medicare from negotiating drug prices, as it does for medical equipment and procedures. I will back using the purchasing power of millions of American seniors to negotiate lower drug prices.

·       Make healthcare prices transparent.  Today doctors and patients are kept in the dark on the real costs of care: the exact same treatment can have wildly different prices at the different hospitals, or for different patients in the same health system. I’ll push for legislation requiring price transparency throughout the industry, so we can all understand what we’re paying for and insist on value for our money.

·       Incentivizing healthcare providers to keep people healthy. Currently our healthcare providers really only make money when you get sick.  I will support approaches that pay providers for keeping people healthy, reducing the financial incentive to run up a patient’s tab


 I support giving all Americans the opportunity to buy coverage through the same Medicare system that has been successfully taking care of our seniors. Medicare is proven to deliver quality care at a low negotiated cost, with existing providers around the country. Allowing Americans to buy in to the Medicare system would increase options and make low-cost coverage available to everyone, especially in rural communities where plans are limited.


Our failure to address mental health needs limits children’s development, burdens family caregivers, and contributes to problems like homelessness and addiction. We’ve relied far too much on incarceration as a measure of last resort, which is more expensive and less effective than providing treatment. We have too few mental health centers and professionals, especially to meet the needs of youth and people in rural areas. It’s time to stop ignoring America’s mental health crisis, and start making it as a public health priority.