McClintock's Healthcare Repeal Vote Faces Day of
Reckoning in Court

Texas case could leave hundreds of thousands without pre-existing coverage in 4th district


Wednesday, September 5th, 2018

ROSEVILLE, Calif. – Later today, a Texas court will hear oral arguments in a Republican lawsuit that threatens to undo legal protections that enable those with pre-existing conditions to obtain health insurance. The case is widely viewed as the last gasp of a years-long effort to remove the benefits provided to millions of Americans by the Affordable Care Act. Congressman Tom McClintock supports these efforts in spite of the risks for nearly 300,000 of his constituents with pre-existing conditions, even calling them "nuisance conditions" in an interview last February.

"We need our healthcare system to take into account real lives, and not push a convenient partisan narrative. A pre-existing condition like asthma, diabetes, or genetic disposition for cancer is not a 'nuisance,' but a matter of life or death," said Jessica Morse, McClintock's opponent in the November election. "Increasing access to affordable healthcare affects the health of our nation – physically, morally, and economically. If people with pre-existing conditions go uninsured and untreated, it results in catastrophic visits to the emergency room, and drives up hospital costs for all of us. I'll be a leader who will work across the aisle to find solutions, not drive a partisan agenda."  

In one of the most controversial actions of his current term, McClintock voted in favor of the AHCA last May, legislation that would undo coverage for those with pre-existing conditions, as well as increase premiums for older Americans, reduce Medicaid benefits, and leave millions of Americans uninsured. While the bill passed out of the House with McClintock's full support, it failed in the Senate.

McClintock is facing his toughest re-election test since his first race in 2008. He trailed Morse in fundraising by a more than two-to-one margin in the most recent finance quarter, taking in only $223,000 to Morse's $543,000. Additionally, every major political prognosticator has moved the race out of the "Safe Republican" category, including Inside Elections, the Cook Political Report, UVA's Crystal Ball, and CNN. In fact, McClintock's 51% showing in June was the lowest total he's ever received in a 4th district primary. Morse was also recently added to the DCCC's Red to Blue program, which highlights the most competitive Congressional races across the country.