Meet JessiCA Morse

Having worked for her country for over a decade as a national security strategist, including over a year in Iraq, Jessica Morse, 36, is running for Congress to support and defend her community.

Jessica is running for Congress because she is...

A Daughter of the Foothills:  A fifth generation northern Californian, Jessica’s ancestors crossed the Sierra in covered wagons and settled outside of Auburn. Her great-great grandmother worked the telegraph booth at Donner Pass in the early 1900s. Jessica and her family still manage hundreds of acres of the original forestland her ancestors pioneered.  

A National Security Strategist: As an Advisor to the Commander of US Pacific Command (US military headquarters for Asia and the Pacific), Jessica strengthened the US-India defense relationship using renewable energy and worked to counter terrorist threats in South Asia.  Jessica has a Masters Degree from Princeton University where she focused on nuclear non-proliferation.

Experienced in Federal Budgets: Jessica has more federal budget experience than many sitting members of Congress, having managed billions of dollars in the global foreign aid budget at the State Department and later USAID. She has battled with the congressional appropriations committees to cut wasteful spending and improve aid effectiveness.

A Fearless Humanitarian: Jessica spent over a year in Baghdad with USAID at the height of the war, serving side-by-side with our troops. She also worked in Ethiopia, Nepal, Myanmar, and India promoting global stability.

An Outdoors Woman: Jessica grew up hiking, fishing, and hunting with her family throughout Northern California. An avid backpacker, Jessica has hiked the entire length of California’s 4th district - 500 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail from North of Tahoe to Mt. Whitney. 

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