National security

I’ve dedicated my career to serving my country on the frontlines of America’s toughest national security challenges. I’ve worked alongside our troops in America’s battle to defeat a terrorist insurgency in Iraq, and supported nuclear diplomacy in South Asia. I’ve held positions in all three pillars of US national security: defense, diplomacy, and development. Every day, I worked to make the world safer, because that makes America safer.

As your Congresswoman, I will work to...

Restore America’s global standing. I believe the world is a safer and a better place when America provides leadership to the international community. After World War II, our greatest generation created institutions including NATO and the United Nations to advance human security and development. By turning its back on our traditional alliances and commitments, this administration is conceding global leadership to powers like China and Russia. Our security and our economy will both suffer if those countries are left to write the international rules. I will work to restore American leadership by improving relations with our traditional allies, engaging with global institutions, advocating for values like democracy and human rights, and living up to commitments in areas such as nuclear security and climate change.

Rebuild American diplomacy. I served for a year and a half as a civilian in Iraq, at the height of the war. It was a time when our military was winning battles against the insurgency, only to see their achievements eroded as the Iraqi government failed to deliver good governance and economic improvements for their people. From that experience, I learned that in order to succeed in its mission, America’s exceptional military must be supported by clear diplomatic strategy and a resourced and effective diplomatic corps. The deliberate weakening of our State Department puts our goals, our values, and ultimately our troops at risk. In Congress, I pledge to be a voice to return diplomacy to its place as a pillar of our national security.

Ensure the responsible use of force. The framers of our Constitution gave Congress the sole authority to declare war an awesome responsibility that our Representatives have a duty to bear. With American troops now in combat around the world under an Authorization for the Use of Military Force (AUMF) passed in 2001, we owe them an updated AUMF that addresses current missions against ISIS and other terrorist groups. And as nuclear tensions escalate with North Korea, I believe it is time to for Congress to conduct a serious review of safeguards surrounding the President’s authority to order the use of nuclear weapons.

Support our veterans and military families. Having served as a civilian in Iraq, I have seen firsthand the sacrifice of the men and women who have borne the battles of our post- 9/11 wars. We can begin to repay that debt by supporting their transition to civilian service, with improved job placement services, educational benefits, and housing support. We must also better provide for veterans’  healthcare, both physical and mental. And we cannot ignore the services and care needed by military families who have supported service members during their deployment, and too often become caregivers upon their return.