The Leadership We Need

Dr. Bob Derlet and Jessica Morse

Dr. Bob Derlet and Jessica Morse

By: Dr. Bob Derlet, 2016 Candidate for US Congress

I have just endorsed Jessica Morse for the US Congress, House of Representatives in the 2018 election. Among all the candidates running for Congress in CD-04, she is the only candidate who can beat Tom McClintock.

Our current Congressman, Tom McClintock, does not represent the people in the California foothills. He has undermined our families, our workers, and our children by:

-- Voting for a tax bill that gives large corporations big tax breaks, and makes us pay.

-- Not voting for funding to adequately support education in our district. Have you seen the worn out textbooks some of our high school students use?

-- Not voting for adequate funding to scientifically manage and thin our forests. Remember those awful Butte, Rim, Detwiler, and King fires? Increased federal funding is needed for forest management, including removal of bark beetle killed trees.

-- Refusing to sponsor legislation to rein in the outrageous costs of healthcare. Think about this the next time you shell out $200 for a prescription drug, or pay your $1,000 monthly insurance premium.

I am behind Jessica because she is a fighter. She will stand up for the people of this district and not back down. She will provide the hands on leadership we need and listen to all the people in our district.

When I ran for Congress in 2016, I learned how important every dollar is to a campaign.

Please donate to Morse for Congress.

Let’s send Jessica to Washington, DC. in 2018!

Passion and Pragmatism

By: CAPT David Cutter, US Navy (retired)

When I met Jessica in 2011, I immediately knew that I wanted her on our team at US Pacific Command in Hawaii. Two qualities jumped out after that first meeting; her passion and her pragmatism. Having recently returned from time in India, her expertise filled a critical gap in our organization, the Commander's Action Group, commonly referred to as the CAG.

We were a small team of trusted civilian and military advisors to the four-star commander whose strategic focus was concentrated on enhancing the US pol-mil relationship with major stakeholders in the Pacific region. The CAG acted as the commander's "eyes and ears" regarding political, military, and economic trends in 36 Asia-Pacific nations.

Passionate about innovative paths to enhance the United States’ rapidly growing relationship with India, Jessica developed a comprehensive bio-fuel initiative that was initially viewed with skepticism from military commanders. Despite these obstacles, she adapted her plan in a sensible and realistic fashion that stayed true to its core objectives. The combination of her passion for the issues combined with her pragmatic approach to “getting the job done” resulted in the bio-fuel initiative being approved by the commander for execution.

While I don’t currently live in the Sierra, I feel a deep kinship with the region. Early in my military career, I spent time at Mather Air Force Base training to become a navigator. At every possible opportunity when I wasn’t flying or in class, I found myself heading east into the mountain communities of the 4th district to ski, hike, and explore the backcountry.

During our time as colleagues in Hawaii, Jessica and I discovered that we shared a passion for the issues of mountain communities. From fire prevention and forest management to developing tourism while preserving the natural wonders around us, it was clear she understood the fragile balance needed to sustain our mountain homes.

When it comes down to it, Jessica is that rare breed of person - passionate about the issues yet pragmatic about the necessity to take action. Passion without action is just noise, and Jessica is the right kind of leader that we need in today’s noisy environment.  

Why I Support Jessica


By: Mayor Morgan Goodwin, Town of Truckee

I am thrilled to announce my support for Jessica Morse for California’s 4th congressional district. As a hiker, skier, mountain-lover, and Mayor of Truckee, I am so excited to have someone of this caliber as our congressional candidate.

Up in Truckee, we know how to pull together to do what's best for our community. This past winter, when snow, rain, mudslides, and floods shut down all of our roads and knocked out power, our public agencies, citizens, and local companies all worked hard to restore emergency services, take care of elderly neighbors, and keep our economy moving. Living in the mountains and the foothills take a hardy perseverance and a determination to work together, and Jess has both of those qualities in abundance.

When I met Jess this spring, she joined me for Truckee Day - our annual community cleanup day. We spent the morning on an I-80 interchange, pulling snow chains, soda cups, plastic bags, and all sorts of junk out of the mud. Jess didn't hesitate to roll up her sleeves and get to work as she told me all about her career. And the work she's done is impressive! Freeing bonded laborers from US military bases in Iraq, protecting national security by bringing renewable energy to rural India, managing the federal aid budget - it was a trash cleanup day I won't forget.

Living on the crest of the Sierra Nevada, the threat of climate change looms large. More of our storms falling as rain than snow, more uncertain ski seasons, terrifying fire threats, difficulties getting fire insurance...the list of climate impacts we worry about is long, and the solutions are complex and interconnected. The solutions are also really exciting. Massive forest-thinning efforts to create new forest product industries, biomass clean energy, and energy retrofit jobs are just the tip of the iceberg. And Jess really gets it, both the dangers and the solutions, as well as the sheer scale of the challenge we're up against.

In the last 6 months, I've gotten to hear about her travels up and down the district. I've heard about the good she's doing for the district already by connecting community leaders, innovative companies, and cutting-edge research. I've seen her synergize her 5-generations of family history in the area and her own life experience into a message that's inspiring both red and blue voters in our big district. I've seen her put our district on the national map, literally, by convincing national politicos that the 4th district is fired up to overcome a longtime incumbent. I'm impressed with what she's done so far, and it seems like she's only getting started.

Every day I get to work together with the amazing people of Truckee to make our community stronger. Supporting Jess is a natural extension of that work, and I hope you'll join me in supporting her.

A Fighter for Our Sierra

By: Cody Townsend

We are mountain people. We are defined by our backyard. We live, work, play, and raise our families in the Sierra Mountains. John Muir once said, “In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.” We know that’s not just a simple quote - that’s something that we truly understand because that is our everyday life.

There is something unique about our corner of California and the people that live here, which is why we need and deserve political representation that truly represents our unique values as mountain people. Someone that is one of us, someone who understands our challenges, someone who will fight for us, and someone who will protect our backyard. This is exactly why I am supporting Jessica Morse for Congress.

Like many of you, politics hasn’t really been my thing. As a career professional skier and adventurer based out of Tahoe City, I found more value in seeking the lessons of the wilderness, exploring the heights of mountains, and bonding with our community that shares a desire to be outside.

Yet, after the 2016 elections, I’ve decided that if we want to see our values as mountain communities protected, we can no longer sit on the sidelines. We can no longer only vote and hope for the best outcome. To truly protect our backyard, our community, and our environment, we need to work hard to ensure we leave our children the same future, opportunities, and environment we had when growing up.

Our current representative in Congress is not one of us. He has never lived in our district. He is a career politician whose values and interests are more aligned with those of southern California where he got his start in politics. He does not understand our challenges.

We know that one spark on a dry summer could ruin everything we have. He has done nothing to invest in adequate fire prevention to protect our towns and forests. We know that healthcare can be a long way away from home and more costly compared to other places. He voted earlier this year to take away our health care and make it more expensive. We know that snow-capped peaks are our year-round water source, as well as a driver of tourism, jobs, and economic stability. He believes climate change is a hoax and our rapidly changing weather patterns are of no concern. His policies do not represent what we know as mountain people.

When I met Jessica this April, I immediately knew she was one of us. She’s a true outdoorswoman. She’s hiked our entire district from top to bottom. She has a deep understanding of our concerns - from rural healthcare to rural broadband, fire prevention to forest management, and climate change that threaten our way of life. She has listened to us and will fight for us. She will give us a voice in Congress.

My Mother's Daughter


By: Jessica Morse

My mom would have loved this campaign.

It would have been a joy to have been driving through our beautiful Sierra together. She would have come to every event wearing a “Jess We Can” button and would have become fast friends with everyone. Let’s face it, she would have been more popular than me!  

As much as I miss her, I am not without her. This campaign is succeeding because of the foundation of strength, grace, and unconditional love she gave me.

When I take the time to listen and understand, rather than judge or react, that's my mom. I started this campaign with a three-month listening tour - that idea came from my mom’s intellectual curiosity, instilling in us a commitment to understand rather than assume. My mother taught me to look for solutions when others give up.

People say campaigns can be emotionally and physically grueling. It is the grace of my mother that allows me to smile in the face of criticism. It is the unfailing joy she demonstrated that has made every day of this campaign journey uplifting, inspiring, exciting, and filled with purpose.

My mother once told me that my sister and I are her legacies. Today, that makes sense to me. I am running a campaign built on problem solving and service - this is a campaign that seeks to inspire, rather than divide. This is the legacy of my mother.