By: Congressman Eric Swalwell (CA-15)

I am proud to endorse Jessica Morse for Congress in California’s 4th Congressional District because she has dedicated her career to advancing America's national security. As a member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, I am gravely concerned about the dangers our nation faces from those who would seek to undermine our democracy. We need more leaders like Jessica who are unwavering in their commitment to always putting the interests of our nation first. With a record of dedicated public service, Jessica has proven herself to be that kind of leader.

Ben Rhodes Endorses Jessica Morse for Congress

By: Ben Rhodes, former Deputy National Security Advisor to President Obama from 2009 to 2017

As someone who spent eight years as President Obama’s Deputy National Security Adviser, I am concerned about America’s national security and our standing in the world. At this dangerous moment, Congress needs more leaders who are willing to defend American values, inspire others to get involved, and put our country’s long-term interests ahead of their personal ones.

Jessica Morse is that kind of leader. She served our country in Iraq with USAID, helped coordinate the significant Iraq foreign aid budget at the State Department, and served as an advisor to the head of U.S. Pacific Command. She has first-hand experience in defense, diplomacy, and development. Representative Tom McClintock is a career politician who has supported President Trump’s reckless approach to foreign policy, which risks greater conflict. Jessica has worked, sometimes in dangerous places, to address the consequences of war and build the cooperation that can prevent new ones.

Jessica showed personal courage. As a young person, she went to an Iraq that was still rife with conflict. Jessica showed creativity. While at PACOM, she developed an innovative approach - using renewable energy as a way to advance the U.S.-India defense relationship, which was a top national security priority for the Obama Administration. She drafted a strategy and built a coalition of people across the government to get that done, which is what we need more of from Congress today.

I’ve sat in the room with the most senior decision-makers in our government. And I can tell you that they rely on the advice, analysis, and hard work of people in positions just like the ones that Jessica occupied - people whose names are not in the headlines. Indeed, I believe that the young people I met in national security - whether in the military, Foreign Service, intelligence community, or development professionals like Jessica - are the lifeblood of our nation’s defense. They bring energy, patriotism, and new ideas to the table. We should be honoring that type of service; we certainly need more of it.

We are lucky, as a country, that there is a generation of Americans who signed up to serve in various capacities after 9/11. Jessica Morse did the type of jobs that don’t always get the spotlight, but they make the difference. She has a perspective that doesn’t just come from Washington, it comes from the field. She had colleagues who liked and respected her.

Jessica Morse has every reason to be proud of her accomplishments. She has proven that she has the intelligence, courage and commitment to find constructive solutions to daunting problems in some of the most trying circumstances. That’s why I am proud to support her as she pursues the next chapter in her service by running for the United States Congress.

One Week Later

By: Jessica Morse

In fifth grade, I remember huddling under my desk at school as my teacher turned off the lights, pulled the curtains and locked the doors. The intruder alarm was blaring. She assured us it was just a drill. She read us a story as we lay on the floor under our metal desks in the dimly lit classroom. Later that day, I learned that someone had come onto campus with a gun. I think back to the bravery of my teacher, allowing us to feel safe in our classroom, sheltering us from the terror she must have felt.  

My eyes still well with tears when I think of the brave teacher at Sandy Hook who shuffled all of her first graders into a bathroom, then stepped out and sacrificed her life, and the football coach at Parkland who shielded students with his own body. Our teachers are brave and courageous and self-sacrificing every day. But they shouldn’t have to be.

McClintock suggests that more guns in schools would have stopped this unthinkable tragedy. He believes teachers and “men, women, and children” should be armed to protect themselves.

I have lived in a world in which everyone was armed with automatic weapons. It’s called a war zone. I’m here to tell you it was not safer.

We all want to protect our children and families, our schools and places of worship, our communities and citizens. Americans are less divided on this issue than it appears. We must agree on common sense safety measures to protect our families and communities from this awful violence.

Like many in our district, I grew up hunting with my family and respect the rights of responsible gun owners. I know firsthand the difference between a gun designed for hunting and one designed for combat.

In California, we are lucky to have some of the strongest, and most effective, gun safety policies in the country - background checks on all gun sales, required waiting periods, and a ban on assault weapons. I want to take these common sense protections we already have in California and make them federal policy.

Even amidst the darkest grief, there is a glimmer of hope. Watching the brave and passionate young survivors of Parkland cry out for action has moved all of us to tears, and needs to move us to action.

Let’s start by holding representatives like McClintock accountable. As the students of Parkland are demonstrating, we can hold them accountable with our voice and with our vote.

Correcting the Record

By: Jessica Morse

We’re grateful that, with your help, we’ve built such momentum running a positive campaign focused squarely on the needs of people in the 4th District. We’ve tried to live by Michelle Obama’s advice to always go high, and to date, we have run a campaign that has stayed positive and avoided attacks on the other Democratic women in this race. But in light of recent attacks on my career in national security, I do want to share more with you about my service as a civilian to our country. It’s a story that I’m proud to tell.

My call to serve came at a young age, and in a way I didn’t expect. In 2005, when I was 23 years old and just six months into my first job, with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in Washington, DC, I was asked to go to Iraq to replace an injured colleague. I had opposed the decision to invade Iraq,  but recognized that civilians were suffering on the ground and our troops would never get home unless we worked to stabilize the situation and support reconstruction.  

Ultimately, I served in Iraq for a year and a half, during a period of intense political turmoil and rising insurgent violence. I worked first as an Information Officer documenting USAID’s work around the country, and then in increasingly responsible roles as Donor Coordination Advisor and later Activity Manager overseeing two USAID programs related to Iraq’s civil service, elections, and media. Throughout my deployment, I worked alongside diplomatic and military colleagues in a coordinated effort to create security, promote economic development, and support Iraqi self-government.  

When I returned to Washington in 2007, still just 25, I had more first-hand experience of conditions on the ground in Iraq than most civilians in government at the time. As a result, I was appointed Iraq Country Coordinator in the office of the Director of U.S. Foreign Assistance (under Henrietta Fore). In that role, it was my responsibility to coordinate non-military assistance to Iraq within the State Department and USAID, vetting proposals for funding, ensuring that resources went to the most effective programs, and resolving conflicts and overlaps between agencies.   

After leaving State to earn my Master’s degree in Public Affairs with a focus in Nuclear Non-Proliferation and International Security from Princeton University, I was chosen for the Presidential Management Fellowship (PMF), a highly selective federal government training and development program. Designed to fast-track careers in government, the PMF rotates young leaders through positions in different government agencies. During my two-year fellowship, I served rotations as a Political Officer in our embassy in India, and then as a Strategic Policy Analyst and later an advisor to the Commander of US Pacific Command (military headquarters for Asia and the Pacific). At Pacific Command, I joined the Commander’s Action Group and drafted a US-India defense strategy using renewable energy technology transfer as the foundation for defense cooperation. I later returned to USAID, where I helped develop foreign assistance programs and budgets for politically sensitive countries including Syria, Egypt, Jordan, and Burma.

I have been honored to receive awards from each of the agencies for my work. These include the Superior Honor Award from the US Department of State; the Distinguished Honor Group Award from the US Agency for International Development; and the Joint Civilian Service Achievement Award from the US Department of Defense.

After Swiftboating, birtherism, and other attacks, Democrats are all too familiar with smears as a political tactic. While I never expected this in our primary, I’m glad for the chance to speak up about my career and my service to our country. I am running because I believe I am the right person to represent our community and challenge career politician Tom McClintock.

Thank you for helping me put a stop to false and negative campaigning. We are working together to change the political culture and that effort starts with us.  

Our campaign welcomes any additional questions -- please reach out to us at You can also view detailed answers to additional questions on our website.


In their own words, hear from people who served with me:

Dirk Djikerman, former Chief Operating Officer, Office of the Director of US Foreign Assistance

“Jessica helped me at the Department of State, as the Iraq Country Coordinator. Here she successfully guided $25 billion in Federal funds through Congressional appropriations and oversight committees, and coordinated with the many different U.S. Government departments and agencies engaged in Iraq’s reconstruction and recovery. I last benefited from her expertise when she advised me on managing USAID’s multi-billion dollar budget for the Ebola crisis in West Africa. Drawing from her international experience and knowledge on navigating Washington, she advanced two high-stakes U.S. National Security priorities.”

Captain (Ret.) Dave Cutter, US Navy

“From 2011 to 2012, Jessica and I were colleagues at the US Pacific Command in Honolulu, Hawaii. At the time, I was the Director of the Commander's Action Group, commonly referred to as the CAG. We were a small team of trusted advisors and strategists to the four-star military commander whose strategic focus was concentrated on enhancing the US pol-mil relationship with three major stakeholders in the region; our existing allies and partners, China and India. Jessica’s area of expertise on the team was our relationship with India. As we developed the pol-mil element of the Obama administration’s Asia-Pacific rebalance strategy, her drive to pursue a bio-fuel initiative was an innovative path to enhance the United States’ rapidly growing relationship with a major strategic player in the region.”

Gautam Rana, Deputy Chief of Mission, US Embassy Slovenia

“I was the Deputy Political Counselor at the U.S. Embassy in New Delhi when we were lucky enough to get Jessica for six months as a Presidential Management Fellow. The most important event for the Embassy was our yearly Strategic Dialogue with the Indian Government. Jessica played a critical role in ensuring the 2012 Strategic Dialogue was successful, including helping to draft key papers and providing important logistical support. Jessica was a terrific colleague and her efforts helped ensure the continued development of the U.S.-India bilateral relationship.”

Jamie Beutler Endorses Jessica Morse for Congress

By: Jamie Beutler, Chair Emeritus, California Democratic Party Rural Caucus

It was my honor to serve as Chair of the Rural Caucus for 14 years. I am devoted to electing Democrats who represent rural values and give a voice to our varied communities. This year, I am proud to support Jessica Morse for Congress.

Jessica will fight for our community. She has deep roots here and will listen to our neighbors to find what’s right for us. She has the experience needed to get things done for our community in the federal government. She knows the intricacies of the federal budget and will be able to push forward projects like rural broadband access, healthcare, education and fire prevention.

I have been disappointed to see negativity directed towards Jessica. As party leaders, I urge us to stand together, focus on the real issue at hand: defeating Tom McClintock and bringing real representation back to our community. We can only defeat McClintock if we remain united as a party. As we all learned from 2016, we must stay devoted to truth and electing leaders who inspire with their positive vision for our community.

Her positive campaign is yet another reason why I am supporting Jessica. When I asked her how she intended to respond to the negativity, her response was; “I did not get into this race to bash other Democratic women, and I encourage my supporters to refrain from negative responses.”

That is the kind of courage and leadership we need in CD-4!

Jessica Morse and her campaign are committed to staying positive and bringing new people into the fold. And they have the team, resources, grassroots energy, and vision needed to win in November.

If you have any questions about Jessica’s career or background, you can read the campaign’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page here.

I am proud to support Jessica Morse for Congress, and I hope you will join me.

Rep. Jared Huffman Endorses Jessica Morse for Congress

Official Press Release from Morse for Congress Campaign:

San Rafael, CA - Congressman Jared Huffman (CA-2), who represents the northernmost coast of California, endorsed Jessica Morse today in her bid for Congress in California’s Fourth District.

“Our country needs smart, principled problem solvers like Jessica Morse in Congress,” said Representative Jared Huffman. “With her decade of national security experience, deep roots in Northern California, and strong commitment to fighting climate change and protecting our precious natural resources, she will be a strong and effective leader for the people of the 4th District. I am proud to endorse Jessica Morse for Congress.”

Jessica Morse responded: “I am honored to earn Representative Huffman’s support. In our district, climate change is a present danger. From forest fires, to tree mortality to our struggling ski industry, our community is living on the front lines of climate change. I’ve been grateful for Representative Huffman’s leadership and advocacy on climate change and clean energy solutions. I am excited to work with him in Congress to protect our communities and our planet. I am proud to earn his endorsement.”

Jessica Morse recently earned the support of over 55% of local Democratic leaders who voted in the California Democratic pre-endorsement conference, and she will be eligible to be endorsed by the California Democratic Party at the February State Convention.

She has also been endorsed by Representative Ro Khanna (CA-17); Charlie Brown, the 2006 and 2008 candidate in California’s 4th Congressional District; Bob Derlet, the 2016 candidate in the 4th District; and, the Mariposa County Democratic Club, Democratic Club of Coarsegold, Tuolumne County Democratic Club, the Democratic Women's Coalition of Tuolumne County, and thousands of supporters across the district.


Rep. Ro Khanna Endorses Jessica Morse for Congress

Official Press Release from Morse for Congress Campaign:

Santa Clara, CA - Congressman Ro Khanna (CA-17), who represents the heart of Silicon Valley, strongly endorsed Jessica Morse today in her bid for Congress in California’s Fourth District.

“Jessica has the experience and deep community roots needed to advocate for the Fourth District,” said Representative Ro Khanna. “Jessica is a rising star with a lifetime of dedication to public service and a decade of experience working in national security and on the federal budget. She has shown the ability to listen and respond to the needs of her neighbors, and she will be a strong champion for her community. Jessica will be a crucial ally in the fight to maintain net neutrality and expand rural broadband across the country. I am proud to endorse Jessica Morse for Congress.”

Jessica Morse responded: “I am honored to earn Representative Khanna’s support. Since his election to office, the Congressman has not been afraid to address some of our nation’s toughest challenges - from adapting and preparing our workforce to the changing economy to moving our approach to foreign policy away from military interventionism. His thoughtful leadership, coalition-building, and policy-making have been a great example for me, and a model for how public servants should strive to lead. I am deeply honored to have his endorsement.”

Jessica Morse was also recently endorsed by Charlie Brown, the 2006 and 2008 Democratic candidate in California’s 4th Congressional District and Bob Derlet, the 2016 Democratic candidate in the 4th District. She has also earned the grassroots support of the Mariposa County Democratic Club, Democratic Club of Coarsegold, Tuolumne County Democratic Club, the Democratic Women's Coalition of Tuolumne County, and thousands of supporters across the district.

Jessica Morse is a former national security strategist with over a decade of service in the Defense Department, State Department, and USAID. She has worked across the world, including more than a year in Iraq at the height of the war. In Congress, Morse will focus on promoting job creation, investing in fire prevention, and protecting our natural resources through water conservation and forest management.

Morse lives in Pollock Pines. She is a fifth-generation northern Californian whose ancestors crossed the Sierra in covered wagons and settled outside of Auburn, where Morse and her family still own and manage two hundred acres of forestland today.

For more information or to attend an upcoming event with Jessica Morse, contact Teddy Smyth at 706-414-7475 or, or visit

Earth To Congress Competition!


Calling all creatives!

The Jessica Morse for Congress campaign is holding a contest to design a special set of sustainable campaign swag. Campaigns shouldn’t add to the landfill - they should take away from it. We need your help to make this happen. We’re excited to give a platform for local artisans to help us change the political culture to one of sustainability.

We are looking for creative folks who can incorporate our campaign logo and use sustainable or recycled materials like bark beetle-kill wood to design cool campaign swag built to last.  

We’d love to see all your creative swag ideas. From coffee mugs to cutting boards, from trucker hats to  refrigerator magnets — if you can put a cool design on it and re-produce it at a reasonable cost, we can sell them made-to-order on our website. It’s like Etsy, but for campaign swag!

Please create a visual mock-up of your design and send it to If you aren’t the creative type, but know someone who is, please share this campaign with them!

Important Dates:

February 5, 2018 – Deadline for entries.  

February 8, 2018 – Winners selected by this date.  

February 19, 2018 – Buttons/other swag must be able to be delivered (either in-person or to a mailing address to be provided to the winner) by this date.

P.S. There will be multiple winners, but one thing we really want are 1,000 beetle-kill buttons by February 21st. Bonus if you can deliver on that!

Contact Teddy Smyth at with any questions or to bounce ideas!