The Power of Our Community - Year End Financial Update for 2017

By: Jessica Morse

This past fiscal quarter of 2017, this community showed up to declare that we are changing the political culture and bringing public service back to politics. Our campaign is thrilled to report that at the close of the final fundraising quarter of the year, you helped us raise over $294,000, bringing our total amount raised for 2017 to over $557,000! We now have more than $492,000 cash on hand in our war chest to bring real representation back to our district. 

This community has been such an inspiration to our campaign. Over the past several months, so many of you have hosted house parties, fundraisers, meet and greet events, hosted us in your homes as we have traveled our vast district, and many of you have come to our service events to give back to our community. Through it all, the momentum of our campaign is carried by you. In a year where we could have collectively focused so much energy on what divides us, it has been our shared love for our home district that has united us.

That's why I am so humbled and and inspired by the overwhelming support for our campaign. Thousands of people are investing in our race from across the political spectrum. Everyone is hungry for a campaign that inspires rather than divides. Our message of putting our community above party is energizing a grassroots wave in our district that will take us to victory in November. 

On behalf of myself, our staff, and our relentless volunteers, thank you!