The Leadership We Need

 Dr. Bob Derlet and Jessica Morse

Dr. Bob Derlet and Jessica Morse

By: Dr. Bob Derlet, 2016 Candidate for US Congress

I have just endorsed Jessica Morse for the US Congress, House of Representatives in the 2018 election. Among all the candidates running for Congress in CD-04, she is the only candidate who can beat Tom McClintock.

Our current Congressman, Tom McClintock, does not represent the people in the California foothills. He has undermined our families, our workers, and our children by:

-- Voting for a tax bill that gives large corporations big tax breaks, and makes us pay.

-- Not voting for funding to adequately support education in our district. Have you seen the worn out textbooks some of our high school students use?

-- Not voting for adequate funding to scientifically manage and thin our forests. Remember those awful Butte, Rim, Detwiler, and King fires? Increased federal funding is needed for forest management, including removal of bark beetle killed trees.

-- Refusing to sponsor legislation to rein in the outrageous costs of healthcare. Think about this the next time you shell out $200 for a prescription drug, or pay your $1,000 monthly insurance premium.

I am behind Jessica because she is a fighter. She will stand up for the people of this district and not back down. She will provide the hands on leadership we need and listen to all the people in our district.

When I ran for Congress in 2016, I learned how important every dollar is to a campaign.

Please donate to Morse for Congress.

Let’s send Jessica to Washington, DC. in 2018!