My Mother's Daughter


By: Jessica Morse

My mom would have loved this campaign.

It would have been a joy to have been driving through our beautiful Sierra together. She would have come to every event wearing a “Jess We Can” button and would have become fast friends with everyone. Let’s face it, she would have been more popular than me!  

As much as I miss her, I am not without her. This campaign is succeeding because of the foundation of strength, grace, and unconditional love she gave me.

When I take the time to listen and understand, rather than judge or react, that's my mom. I started this campaign with a three-month listening tour - that idea came from my mom’s intellectual curiosity, instilling in us a commitment to understand rather than assume. My mother taught me to look for solutions when others give up.

People say campaigns can be emotionally and physically grueling. It is the grace of my mother that allows me to smile in the face of criticism. It is the unfailing joy she demonstrated that has made every day of this campaign journey uplifting, inspiring, exciting, and filled with purpose.

My mother once told me that my sister and I are her legacies. Today, that makes sense to me. I am running a campaign built on problem solving and service - this is a campaign that seeks to inspire, rather than divide. This is the legacy of my mother.