Why I Support Jessica


By: Mayor Morgan Goodwin, Town of Truckee

I am thrilled to announce my support for Jessica Morse for California’s 4th congressional district. As a hiker, skier, mountain-lover, and Mayor of Truckee, I am so excited to have someone of this caliber as our congressional candidate.

Up in Truckee, we know how to pull together to do what's best for our community. This past winter, when snow, rain, mudslides, and floods shut down all of our roads and knocked out power, our public agencies, citizens, and local companies all worked hard to restore emergency services, take care of elderly neighbors, and keep our economy moving. Living in the mountains and the foothills take a hardy perseverance and a determination to work together, and Jess has both of those qualities in abundance.

When I met Jess this spring, she joined me for Truckee Day - our annual community cleanup day. We spent the morning on an I-80 interchange, pulling snow chains, soda cups, plastic bags, and all sorts of junk out of the mud. Jess didn't hesitate to roll up her sleeves and get to work as she told me all about her career. And the work she's done is impressive! Freeing bonded laborers from US military bases in Iraq, protecting national security by bringing renewable energy to rural India, managing the federal aid budget - it was a trash cleanup day I won't forget.

Living on the crest of the Sierra Nevada, the threat of climate change looms large. More of our storms falling as rain than snow, more uncertain ski seasons, terrifying fire threats, difficulties getting fire insurance...the list of climate impacts we worry about is long, and the solutions are complex and interconnected. The solutions are also really exciting. Massive forest-thinning efforts to create new forest product industries, biomass clean energy, and energy retrofit jobs are just the tip of the iceberg. And Jess really gets it, both the dangers and the solutions, as well as the sheer scale of the challenge we're up against.

In the last 6 months, I've gotten to hear about her travels up and down the district. I've heard about the good she's doing for the district already by connecting community leaders, innovative companies, and cutting-edge research. I've seen her synergize her 5-generations of family history in the area and her own life experience into a message that's inspiring both red and blue voters in our big district. I've seen her put our district on the national map, literally, by convincing national politicos that the 4th district is fired up to overcome a longtime incumbent. I'm impressed with what she's done so far, and it seems like she's only getting started.

Every day I get to work together with the amazing people of Truckee to make our community stronger. Supporting Jess is a natural extension of that work, and I hope you'll join me in supporting her.