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Jessica Morse Endorsed by California League of Conservation Voters [Blog]

California League of Conservation Voters

ROSEVILLE, Calif. – Today, Jessica Morse received the endorsement of the California League of Conservation Voters (CLCV) in her campaign against Rep. Tom McClintock in the 4th Congressional District. The environmental advocacy organization cited Morse's drive to preserve the many natural treasures located in the district in contrast to McClintock's hostile positions towards environmental protection. With thousands of members in chapters across the state, the CLVC is one of California's leading environmental organizations, as well as a branch of the national League of Conservation Voters, founded in 1969.
"Jessica Morse is the public servant the people of California's 4th district – home to the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Lake Tahoe, and Yosemite – need and deserve. Morse's family goes back five generations in Northern California, and she knows conservation and a strong economy go hand in hand," said CLCV Political Director James Johnson. "Morse is running against career politician and climate-denier Tom McClintock. With a measly 4% LCV lifetime score, McClintock has voted time and time again against proactive fire prevention and local green-energy jobs."

"I am honored to have the support of organizations like CLCV, who work to protect our Sierra Nevada Mountains for generations to come. We must fight to sustain the land that sustains us," said Morse. "Our community deserves better than Tom McClintock, a representative who sees the health of our environment as disconnected from the health of our economy. Our neighbors know that when our public lands are threatened, our forests are on fire, and our snowfall suffers, our economy is put at risk. I'll fight to make sure our local jobs and environment are sustained for generations to come."

With this endorsement, the CLCV will assist Morse with media, fundraising, and grassroots organizing strategies, as well as educate voters about both candidates' environmental records and stances.

McClintock is facing his toughest re-election test since his first race in 2008. He trailed Morse in fundraising by a more than two-to-one margin in the most recent finance quarter, taking in only $223,000 to Morse's $543,000. Additionally, every major political prognosticator has moved the race out of the "Safe Republican" category, including Inside Elections, the Cook Political Report, UVA's Crystal Ball, and CNN. In fact, McClintock's 51% showing in June was the lowest total he's ever received in a 4th district primary. 

Jessica Morse Statement on California Wildfires [Blog]

Jessica Morse

ROSEVILLE, Calif. – U.S. House candidate Jessica Morse today released the following statement regarding the numerous wildfires currently ravaging California, including several in the 4th Congressional District:

"Our district is burning. Three new fires prompted evacuations yesterday in El Dorado County and burned 700 acres in Placer County. A neighbor from Pollock Pines, Don Ray Smith, was killed while fighting the Carr fire — a fire so hot it created a fire tornado. The Ferguson Fire has shut down Yosemite for more than a week and claimed two lives: Brian Hughes of Squaw Valley, who leaves behind a pregnant fiancee, and Braden Varney of Mariposa, who leaves behind a wife and two young children. My heart is broken forthose who've lost their homes, seen their communities ravaged, and made the ultimate sacrifice to protect our neighbors. 
"But what drives me to comment is that these fires are preventable. Wildfire is not just a natural disaster, it's also a political disaster. We know why they rage: clear cutting at the turn of the century and decades of fire suppression policy have led to overly dense forests. We need leaders who will invest in fire prevention and support innovative solutions to offset the costs of forest thinning.

"Investing in fire prevention would have dramatically diminished the devastation we are experiencing this week by thinning our forests, finding uses for skinny trees and forest waste, and issuing thoughtful permits for grazing and selective logging. These solutions would not only keep our community safe, they would create local jobs that cannot be outsourced.
"Up in Tahoe, the mountains are barely visible above the layers of smoke. Even those not directly in the fires’ paths have to keep their children inside, and many of our neighbors are still evacuated and unsure if they will even have homes to return to. 
"Protecting ourselves from future disasters starts with changing our leadership. I'm committed to fighting for smart, proactive solutions for fire prevention." 

EMILY's List Endorses Jessica Morse in California's 4th District [Blog]

EMILY's List

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today EMILY’s List, the nation’s largest resource for women in politics, endorsed Jessica Morse for Congress in California’s 4th Congressional District. Stephanie Schriock, president of EMILY’s List, released the following statement:

“As a fifth-generation Northern Californian, Jessica Morse has deep roots in the 4th District. Jessica has dedicated her career to protecting our national security while working at the State Department and Defense Department and now, she is focusing her
commitment to service closer to home by seeking to be a voice for her community in Congress. Her priorities in office will include expanding economic opportunities for working families, increasing access to affordable health care and protecting America’s public lands.

“Jessica is running against incumbent Congressman Tom McClintock, who prioritizes his party over the people in his district. McClintock has voted to take away access to affordable health insurance multiple times. As a reliable vote for their disastrous
agenda, GOP special interests will be fighting hard to save his seat. But Jessica has shown she’s putting up a tough fight – one she’s prepared to win, too. EMILY’s List is eager to show Jessica our full support and help her do what it takes to flip this seat.”

Jessica Morse has served in a variety of national security roles throughout her career, working for both the U.S. Departments of State and Defense, and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). She has worked to advance American interests in India and Iraq, among other countries, and is deeply familiar with the federal budget process. Jessica is a fifth-generation Northern Californian whose family continues to
manage a plot of land that has been in her family since the turn of the 20th century. Her deep roots in the area have spurred her love of the outdoors, inspiring her to hike 500 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail that cover the length of the 4th District. EMILY’s List, the nation’s largest resource for women in politics, has raised over $500
million to support pro-choice Democratic women candidates – making them one of the most successful political organizations ever. Our grassroots community of over five million members helps Democratic women wage competitive campaigns – and win.

We recruit and train candidates, support strong campaigns, research the issues that impact women and families, and turn out women voters. Since our founding in 1985, we have helped elect 116 women to the House, 23 to the Senate, 12 governors, and over
800 to state and local office. Forty percent of the candidates EMILY’s List has helped elect to Congress have been women of color. Since the 2016 election, thousands of women and counting have reached out to us about running for office. To harness this energy, EMILY’s List has launched Run to Win, an unprecedented effort to get more
women to run at the local, state, and national levels.

Jessica Morse Statement on Yosemite Valley Closure Due to Ferguson Fire [Blog]

Jessica Morse

ROSEVILLE, Calif. – U.S. House candidate Jessica Morse today released the following statement regarding the spread of the Ferguson Fire, which continues to impact communities across the 4th Congressional District:

"Having hiked and camped in Yosemite since my youth, my heart is with the people displaced and threatened by this dangerous fire. I am praying that everyone affected remains safe, and for our first responders as they bravely fight to control the blaze. 
"Today's events are another somber reminder of the impact that severe drought, increasingly erratic weather patterns, and lack of investment in forest management are having on our district and precious outdoor spaces. Our community always comes together in times of need and this must be no different. We must put aside gridlock and partisanship to make sure that we use every tool at our disposal to protect our neighbors, local small businesses, and National Parks and to rebuild even stronger when the time comes." 

Jessica Morse Nearly Quadruples McClintock in Post-Primary Fundraising [Blog]

Jessica Morse

ROSEVILLE, Calif. – Following yesterday's deadline for submitting second-quarter campaign finance reports, filings show that Congressman Tom McClintock has only raised $111,000 since the June 5thprimary, while challenger Jessica Morse took in just shy of $400,000 – a nearly four-to-one advantage. Morse continues to be McClintock's best-funded opponent since his initial race for Congress in 2008, and will have the resources she needs to get her message out in the campaign's final four months.

"The overwhelming grassroots support from our community shows the strong, clear desire for change in the 4th district," said Morse. "Voters are tired of career politicians like Tom McClintock who point fingers instead of getting things done. From protecting taxpayers to ensuring access to health care to fighting for local solutions, I will always put the people of our community first."

For the entire finance period that spans April 1st through June 30th, before and after the primary, Morse took in $543,000 to McClintock's $223,000 – a margin of nearly two-and-a-half to one. Morse has raised over $250,000 more than McClintock this cycle, pointing to his tenuous hold on a district that every major political prognosticator has moved out of the "Safe Republican" category, including Inside Elections, the Cook Political Report, UVA's Crystal Ball, and CNN. In fact, McClintock's 51% showing in June was the lowest total he's ever received in a 4th district primary.

With respect to cash on hand, McClintock has $670,000 remaining in the bank compared to Morse's $535,000 – a comparatively slight deficit considering the competitive primary on the Democratic side and the lack of a real primary for McClintock. His cash-on-hand total is one of the worst among Republicans in competitive U.S. House seats in California. 

Congressman Ami Bera Endorses Jessica Morse for Congress [Blog]

Jessica Morse

ROSEVILLE, Calif. – Today Dr. Ami Bera, who represents the neighboring 7th Congressional District in the U.S. House, endorsed Jessica Morse in her campaign against Rep. Tom McClintock. The 7th district includes communities in eastern Sacramento County that were in prior iterations of the 4th district before redistricting. Notably, McClintock does not live in the community he represents in Washington, instead residing in Elk Grove in the 7th district – which makes Bera McClintock's Congressman.
"Jessica Morse has committed her life to public service, first as a humanitarian with USAID before becoming an adviser to the U.S. Pacific Command," said Bera. "I'm excited to endorse her because I know she will bring both her global experience – as well as her deep personal ties as a fifth generation Northern Californian  to Congress to fight for the people of California's 4th district."

"It is an honor to receive the support of Dr. Bera, who knows the hard work it takes to be an effective advocate for the community he represents," said Morse. "I look forward to working with him throughout this campaign on our shared priorities of growing our economy, protecting access to affordable healthcare, and working across the aisle to get things done." 

Last week Morse announced that she raised over $520,000 in the second quarter of 2018, which follows her fundraising leads in every quarter of the campaign thus far, and stands as the most raised by any McClintock opponent since his first race in 2008. Additionally, McClintock's 51.8% showing in the June primary is the lowest total he's ever received in a primary election in the 4th district, pointing to his vulnerability in the general election. Every major national political forecaster has put the 4th Congressional District race on the competitive watchlist, with Inside Elections, the Cook Political Report, UVA's Crystal Ball, and CNN all moving the seat out of the "Safe Republican" category. 

Jessica Morse Raises Over $520K in Second Quarter [Blog]

Jessica Morse

ROSEVILLE, Calif. – Today, 4th Congressional District candidate Jessica Morse announced that she raised over $520,000 in the second quarter of 2018 in her bid against Rep. Tom McClintock, putting her at nearly $1.5 million raised total since she entered the race last summer. Notably, her half-million total is the most raised by any candidate of either party in a single quarter since McClintock's initial 2008 campaign for Congress.
"I am honored by the confidence that so many people across the 4th district are placing in our effort to finally bring effective representation to Washington," said Morse. "Our fundraising success is proof positive that there is energy for change in our community, from the suburbs to the foothills and everywhere in between."

Morse received contributions from more than 2,100 individuals, with an average contribution of just over $200. The second quarter numbers include money raised both before and after the pre-primary finance period.

Prior to her success this period, Morse had outraised McClintock in every quarter of the campaign thus far, raising more than any opponent to McClintock since his first race in 2008. Additionally, McClintock's 51.8% showing in the June primary is the lowest total he's ever received in a primary election in the 4th district, pointing to his vulnerability in the general election. Every major national political forecaster has put the 4th Congressional District race on the competitive watchlist, with Inside Elections, the Cook Political Report, UVA's Crystal Ball, and CNN all moving the seat out of the "Safe Republican" category into the "Likely Republican" category.

McClintock Hypocrisy on Fiscal Conservatism Approaches Second Decade in Washington [Blog]

Jessica Morse

ROSEVILLE, Calif. – While career politician Congressman Tom McClintock has long described himself as a deficit hawk, telling constituents time and time again that previous budgets "put us on course for a trillion-dollar deficit next year and set the stage for a sovereign debt crisis" and "squander [Congress's] most important tools to bring spending under control before we bankrupt our country," his votes tell a very different story.
McClintock's support of a deficit-busting tax bill that he described as "double taxation" and which would increase taxes for thousands of 4th district homeowners, as well as a budget last week that hit seniors, veterans, and working families right in their pocketbooks, proves that his budget-conscious persona is all talk, no action. 
Consider these brand-new economic stats from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) that reflect the dangerous economic path our country may be on due to the 2017 tax bill that McClintock enthusiastically supported:

  • The tax cut will increase the deficit by more than $2.3 trillion over the course of the next decade
  • The federal debt will soon peak at more than 152% of the nation's gross domestic product, which currently stands at $15 trillion, or 78% of the size of U.S. economy
  • If made permanent, the tax bill will push the debt to twice the size of the American economy, and over the next three decades deficits would exceed 13% of GDP

"Congressman McClintock has made millions in office on the public dime, casting vote after vote to harm middle-class families," said congressional candidate Jessica Morse. "This latest report from the CBO only confirms the Washington hypocrisy that so many in this community are fed up with. Budget deficits aren't are a problem for McClintock if they help his special-interest donors – while the vast majority of Californians' taxes, health insurance, and housing costs go up."

Jessica Morse Challenges Rep. Tom McClintock to 4 Debates [Blog]

Jessica Morse

ROSEVILLE, Calif. – Today, the Morse for Congress campaign challenged incumbent Rep. Tom McClintock to participate in four debates ahead of the November general election. Morse has specifically proposed holding one debate in each region of the 4th Congressional District  the Roseville area, the Lake Tahoe area, the Sierra Foothills, and the Mother Lode  to ensure that voters across all ten counties can attend and participate.

"The residents of this community deserve to hear directly from their next member of Congress on protecting access to healthcare, reducing the tax burden on our families, and preserving our natural resources," said Morse. "If elected, I pledge to be an independent, hardworking representative who takes the needs of this entire community seriously, and who will consider all ideas and points of view no matter which party or person proposes them."

Morse's campaign sent a letter outlining the challenge to the McClintock team earlier today. If agreed to, the terms, logistics, and ticket availability will be sorted out between the camps ahead of the first debate.

Prior to this month's primary, Morse participated in 16 different forums and debates across every corner of the 4th district. She also kicked off her campaign with a listening tour that took her to all ten counties. 

Top Republican Strategist Comes Out in Support of Jessica Morse

Calaveras Enterprise | Marc Boyd

In a preview of the upcoming fireworks across the country on July 4th, a top Republican strategist who played a key role on the presidential campaigns of George W. Bush and John McCain, came out on Saturday in support of Jessica Morse’s campaign for Congress.

In a blistering attack on Congressman Tom McClintock on twitter, GOP strategist Steve Schmidt called McClintock “a career politician who has fed at the public trough all his adult life; and all the while attacking government.”

Democrat Jessica Morse to face Republican Tom McClintock in general election race for California’s 4th congressional district

Tahoe Daily Tribune | Hannah Jones

Democratic candidate Jessica Morse made it past the primary elections on Tuesday in California's 4th congressional district with 19.9 percent of the votes. She will be facing Republican Tom McClintock in the November general elections who won 52.1 percent of the votes....

"I am grateful for the hard work that my family, volunteers, and staff put into this effort, as I could not have gotten this far with their constant support," Morse said in a statement released early Wednesday morning.

"Taking on Tom McClintock and his special-interest backers will not be easy. But as I have learned over the past year traveling across all 10 counties in the 4th district, nothing can erase the enthusiasm and passion awakened by our campaign," the statement read.

Jessica Morse to Launch 10-County "Get out the Vote" Tour [Blog]

Jessica Morse

ROSEVILLE, Calif. – The Morse for Congress campaign announced a "Get Out The Vote" tour that will begin Thursday and lead into California's primary on Tuesday, June 5th. As she did when launching her campaign for Congress with a listening tour, Morse will make stops in all ten counties within the 4th Congressional District, taking part in meet & greets, phone banks, and door-to-door canvasses.

Events will be open to the press, but should be confirmed beforehand with Makaiah Mohler, Deputy Campaign Manager, at (530) 913-3242 or

Thursday, May 31st

 10:00 a.m.      

  • What: Phone Bank
  • Where: Eastern Fresno County Historical Society
  • Community: Tollhouse (Fresno County)

 1:00 p.m.       

  • What: Phone Bank
  • Where: "Mad for Morse" HQ
  • Community: Oakhurst (Madera County)

 3:00 p.m.       

  • What: Canvass Launch
  • Where: Art Park
  • Community: Mariposa (Mariposa County)

 6:00 p.m.       

  • What: Phone Bank
  • Where: Sonora Campaign Office
  • Community: Sonora (Tuolumne County)


Friday, June 1st

 10:00 a.m.      

  • What: Canvass Launch
  • Where: Sonora Campaign Office
  • Community: Sonora (Tuolumne County)

 12:30 p.m.     

  • What: Meet & Greet
  • Where: Utica Park
  • Community: Angels Camp (Calaveras County)

  3:00 p.m.       

  • What: Canvass Launch
  • Where: Detert Park
  • Community: Jackson (Amador County)


Saturday, June 2nd

  9:00 a.m.        

  • What: Canvass Launch
  • Where: El Dorado Dems HQ
  • Community: El Dorado Hills (El Dorado County)

 3:00 p.m.       

  • What: Canvass Launch
  • Where: Raley's Parking Lot
  • Community: Placerville (El Dorado County)

 5:30 p.m.       

  • What: Phone Bank
  • Where: Mad Dog Cafe
  • Community: Markleeville (Alpine County) 


Sunday, June 3rd

 9:00 a.m.        

  • What: Canvass Launch
  • Where: Roseville Campaign Office
  • Community: Roseville (Placer County)

 12:00 p.m.     

  • What: Canvass Launch
  • Where: Home of Marti Mattson
  • Community: Lincoln (Placer County)

6:00 p.m.       

  • What: Phone Bank
  • Where: Roseville Campaign Office
  • Community: Roseville (Placer County)


Monday, June 4th

10:00 a.m.      

  • What: Canvass Launch
  • Where: Lakeview Commons
  • Community: South Lake Tahoe (El Dorado County)

12:00 p.m.     

  • What: Canvass Launch
  • Where: Las Panchitas
  • Community: Kings Beach (Placer County)

 5:30 p.m.       

  • What: Phone Bank
  • Where: Truckee Campaign Office
  • Community: Truckee (Nevada County)

Jessica Morse Releases 2nd TV Ad in CA-04 Race [Blog]

Jessica Morse

ROSEVILLE, Calif. – Today, the Morse for Congress campaign released its second TV ad of the cycle in the 4th Congressional District race. Titled "Voting," the ad contrasts Morse's pledge to always put the residents of the community first with McClintock's repeated votes against working families in the district – which McClintock still doesn't live in despite representing it in Congress for a decade. The spot will be backed by a six-figure buy on broadcast and cable in the Sacramento and Reno media markets. 

A full transcript is below, and the ad can be viewed here.

VOICEOVER: "In ten years, Tom McClintock has never voted for himself, because he doesn't live in our district.

"But he's voted in Congress, where he's voted against funding to prevent wildfires, or to help homeowners afford to rebuild after after natural disasters."

MORSE (TO CAMERA): "It's easy to vote against the interests of your district when the people aren't your neighbors. My family's been here for five generations, and I want to help protect and defend our incredible wilderness, our water, and the families who live and work here.

"I'm Jessica Morse, and I approve this message." 

Votes: HR 4667TCJA.

Jessica Morse Exceeds $1 Million Raised in CA-04 Race [Blog]

Jessica Morse

ROSEVILLE, Calif. – Today, the Morse for Congress campaign announced it raised $150,000 in the final pre-primary fundraising period before the June vote. Covering money raised from April 1st through May 16th, the total will likely once again top all other candidates in the 4th Congressional District race from both parties. Notably, the amount puts Morse past the $1 million mark in total money raised since she entered the race last summer. 

"It is humbling that so many people have put their trust in me to bring effective representation back to the community where I am from," said Morse. "As we look ahead to a vigorous fight against Congressman McClintock in the fall, I know our campaign will have all the resources we need to get our message out."

Morse's grassroots support has led to consistently strong fundraising throughout the campaign thus far. In the first quarter of 2018, she raised $357,000, besting McClintock's $326,000 and Democrat Regina Bateson's $141,000, as well as all other candidates on the ballot. Morse also had more cash on hand than any other candidate, with her $715,000 war chest larger than McClintock's $675,000 and Bateson's $261,000. Morse has raised more total funds than any other challenger to McClintock since his first election in 2008 – which he won by fewer than 2,000 votes.

Every major national political forecaster has put the 4th Congressional District race on the competitive watchlist, with Inside Elections, the Cook Political Report, UVA's Crystal Ball, and CNN all moving the seat out of the "Safe Republican" category into the "Likely Republican" category in recent weeks, indicating that a difficult campaign lies ahead for the incumbent McClintock. 

Inside Elections Downgrades McClintock's Chances in CA-04 Race [Blog]

Inside Elections

ROSEVILLE, Calif. – Inside Elections, the political tipsheet run by nationally-recognized elections analyst Nathan Gonzales, has moved the race in Californian's 4th Congressional District out of the "Safe Republican" category into the "Likely Republican" category, joining the Cook Political Report and UVA's Crystal Ball in the ratings change. Each of the 'Big Three' national political forecasters has now put the race on the competitive watchlist, indicating that a difficult campaign lies ahead for incumbent Rep. Tom McClintock. 

In downshifting McClintock's chances in the race, Gonzales wrote that "Republicans are concerned it could develop into a headache," and noted that McClintock had just "$676,000 in the bank," less than Morse's total.

CNN also moved the race into the more competitive "Likely Republican" category in April, citing Morse's strong fundraising and Trump's weaker vote share compared to previous Republicans. Morse's campaign continues to surge, as she recently received the backing of the powerful California Teacher's Association, as well as the official endorsement of the California Democratic Party with 65% of the delegates' votes. Late last year, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) added the race to its list of battlefield targets.  

Jessica Morse Releases First TV Ad in CA-04 Race [Blog]

Jessica Morse

ROSEVILLE, Calif. – Today, the Morse for Congress campaign released its first TV ad of the cycle in the 4th Congressional District race. Titled "Rough Terrain," the ad highlights Jessica's deep family roots in the community and her dedication to local environmental issues. The spot will be backed by a six-figure buy on broadcast and cable in the Sacramento media market. 

A full transcript is below, and the ad can be viewed here.

MORSE (VOICEOVER): "I grew up exploring nearly every part of these mountains. I'm not afraid of a challenge.

"And neither were my ancestors, like my great-grandma Edith, who manned the telegraph booth at Donner Pass with her pistol by her side.

"But generations later, we have real challenges in the Sierra – like protecting our watersheds, and proactively working to prevent wildfires." 

MORSE (TO CAMERA): "I'm Jessica Morse, and I approve this message because I'm not afraid to tackle these challenges in Congress." 

Jessica Morse Endorsed by California Teachers Association [Blog]

California Teachers Association

ROSEVILLE, Calif. – Today, on National Teacher Appreciation Day, the Morse for Congress campaign announced the endorsement of the California Teachers Association (CTA), the state's largest and most influential teachers' union. With 325,000 members across California, including 5,992 in the 4th Congressional District, the CTA is among the biggest labor organizations of any kind in the state. Its members include teachers, counselors, school librarians, social workers, psychologists, and nurses.

"As a product of Northern California's public schools, it is an honor to receive the backing of the thousands of men and women who have dedicated their lives to giving children the tools to learn and grow," said Morse. "While Tom McClintock has repeatedly voted against the interests of middle-class families, I plan to fight alongside our teachers and educators to make sure every child has the chance to succeed."

"Jessica is the daughter of two schoolteachers and grew up in our public school system. She understands the needs of local teachers and will fight for universal pre-K and smart technology in classrooms," saidCTA President Mike Patterson. "Jessica Morse is the champion of California teachers we need in Congress."

Founded in 1863, the CTA is recognized as one of the nation's leading educator advocacy groups, and is affiliated with the National Education Association (NEA) at the federal level. Along with employees in California's K-12 school system, the union also includes community college faculty and California State University faculty. Today's endorsement also brings with it volunteers from the local chapters who will be campaigning for Morse in advance of the June primary.

The CTA endorsement comes on the heels of Morse's continued fundraising success, as she outraised each person in the 4th Congressional District race from both parties for the third quarter in a row. She also received the California Democratic Party's official endorsement at the spring convention with 65% of the vote.

Vote Jessica Morse for a Change in California Congressional District 4

Sierra Sun Times | Phillip Reno

With her past deeply rooted in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, [Jessica Morse] has a vision of the future based on the notion that cooperation and problem solving is more important than ideological purity and partisan posturing. Unlike our current representative, Jessica boasts both a current residence in our district, and a family history that goes back generations.

Jessica’s unique experience serving in Iraq alongside our troops as a member of USAID, gives her an international perspective on our global commitments. Additionally, she has been engaged in diplomatic activities in India, Ethiopia, Myanmar, and Nepal. Couple all of this with her intimate knowledge of our district (she’s hiked the entire length of the 4th district from Tahoe to Mt.Whitney), and you have a rare individual who is ready to do the hard work of representing our sprawling district.

[Jessica] Morse the complete package in congressional race

Tahoe Daily Tribune | Theresa May Duggan

Jessica Morse is a fifth generation Californian! She's walked the John Muir Trail and understands our need to preserve and protect the land we love. She supports increased investment in clean energy, creating new jobs for a new economy, while defending our public lands.

Jessica Morse understands our need for local control of precious water resources. She's committed to rebuilding Sierra watersheds, conserving and protecting our aquifers. She'll be a leader working to Keep Tahoe Blue collaborating with our U.S. Senators in DC for federal funding.

Jessica Morse is right choice for Congress

Truckee Sun | Steve Frisch

Jessica grew up in, fished and hiked in, and knows the 4th District. Jessica also has the experience earned serving her country as a national security adviser to the US Pacific Command, at the U.S. Agency for International Development serving in Baghdad, and navigating federal budgets while serving in Washington.

CNN House Key Race alerts: A dozen GOP-held seats get more competitive

Terence Burlij | CNN

Veteran GOP Rep. Tom McClintock has been outraised by leading Democratic candidate Jessica Morse in three consecutive fundraising quarters. Morse also has a $715,000 to $676,000 cash on hand lead. Race moves from Solid Republican to Likely Republican.

[Jessica] Morse And Others Address Tuolumne County Democrats

BJ Hansen | MyMotherLode

The Democrat who has received the state party’s endorsement in the race against Republican Congressman Tom McClintock was a main draw at a Thursday evening candidates’ forum hosted by the Tuolumne County Democratic Central Committee at the Sonora Opera Hall.

...Jessica Morse explained her main message, saying, “I want us to start thinking locally about government and our elected leaders actually representing our  local community and local issues. We need real solutions to land management, fire prevention, water management and how to turn these challenges into economic opportunities for the community.”

Rep. Tom McClintock ghosts seniors at Roseville candidates forum

Sacramento News & Review | Dylan Svoboda

Jessica Morse, the Democratic front-runner from Pollock Pines, vowed to protect Social Security, broaden Medicare and expand the transportation system for seniors and the disabled if elected to Congress.

“Our health care system is fundamentally broken,” Morse said at the forum. “We need to get to universal health care. [Health care] is not what I want you spending your time thinking and worrying about. … I’d like you to be worrying about when you’re going to see your grandkids next.”

Life of first-time candidate: 16-hour days, piles of paperwork – and enthusiasm

Christian Science Monitor | Bailey Bischoff

A five-generation Northern Californian, [Jessica] Morse grew up in Carmichael, but spent much of her childhood outdoors on her family’s homestead in Gold Run, Calif. Weekends were often spent backpacking through Yosemite, where she developed a keen interest in the outdoors. For campaign events, she has invited district residents to join her on a hike...

As Morse prepares for the primary, she says she's learned to embrace the label of “newcomer.” “One of the advantages I have of being a first-time candidate is, I don’t know what the limits are supposed to be,” says Morse. “So, I just go for it.”

Candidate [Jessica] Morse out fundraising campaign contenders

Roseville Press-Tribune | Aurora Sain

"Changing the tone in Washington begins with sending new voices there to represent us, and I am proud that our campaign continues building momentum to reach that goal," said [Jessica] Morse. "This fundraising success proves that our campaign will have all the resources we need to get our message out and finally bring effective, accountable leadership to the fourth district."

Three House Republicans in California trailing Democrats in cash race

San Francisco Chronicle | John Wildermuth

A big plus to being a political incumbent is the easy access to campaign cash, since plenty of donors like to bet on a proven winner, regardless of party. But the latest federal campaign finance figures, released this week by the Federal Election Commission, suggest some targeted Republicans may be squandering that advantage.

With the June 5 primary about six weeks away, three GOP incumbents have less money in the bank than their leading Democratic opponents. Rep. Tom McClintock of Elk Grove (Sacramento County), first elected to Congress in 2008, has $675,811 cash on hand, a bit less than Democrat Jessica Morse, who reported $715,094 in the bank.

Jessica Morse Again Tops Entire CA-04 Field in Fundraising [Blog]

Jessica Morse

Roseville, Calif. – Following yesterday's fundraising deadline for the first quarter of 2018, the Morse for Congress campaign has now outraised the full field of contenders in the 4th Congressional District for the third quarter in a row. Her $357,000 haul bests Congressman Tom McClintock's $326,000 and Democrat Regina Bateson's $141,000, as well as all other candidates on the ballot. Morse also has more cash on hand than any other candidate, with her $715,000 war chest larger than McClintock's $675,000 and Bateson's $261,000. Impressively, Morse is one of just six California Democrats who out-raised an incumbent Republican this quarter, and among those, is the only one who has more cash on hand.

This is the third quarter in a row that Morse has topped McClintock as well as her fellow Democratic challengers in money raised. In the previous quarter, Morse raised $292,000, topping Bateson's $260,000 and McClintock's $215,000. Morse has now raised close to a million dollars since she entered the race last year – also more than any other candidate from either party.

"Changing the tone in Washington begins with sending new voices there to represent us, and I am proud that our campaign continues building momentum to reach that goal," said Morse. "This fundraising success proves that our campaign will have all the resources we need to get our message out and finally bring effective, accountable leadership to the fourth district."

Morse received donations from all ten counties in the 4th Congressional District in the most recent filing, and has raised more than any other challenger to McClintock since his first election in 2008 – which he won by fewer than 2,000 votes.

Morse's fundraising success comes on the heels of receiving the California Democratic Party's official endorsement at the state convention in February, where she earned 65% of the delegates' votes. Also this quarter, the Cook Political Report – one of the nation’s leading nonpartisan political newsletters – moved the 4th District race out of the "Solid Republican" category, in large part due to the strength of Morse’s campaign, indicating the race has the potential to become highly competitive by November.

Democratic challenger [Jessica Morse] out-raises Tom McClintock – again

Sacramento Bee | Emily Cadei

For Congressman Tom McClintock, a new year hasn’t changed a fundamental campaign weakness. The veteran Republican lawmaker was again out-raised by his leading Democratic challenger, Jessica Morse, in the first three months of 2018, new federal fundraising reports disclose.It marks the third quarter in a row that Morse has out-raised McClintock, leaving her with more cash in the bank going into a crucial phase of the campaign.

Morse Campaign Announces Over $350,000 Raised in 1st Quarter of 2018 [Blog]

Jessica Morse

Roseville, CA – Today, the Jessica Morse for Congress campaign announced it raised over $350,000 in the first three months of 2018, her best fundraising period yet, and began April with $717,000 on hand. Impressively, Morse has now raised close to $1 million for the campaign thus far – more than any other challenger to McClintock since his first election in 2008, including all other Democrats running in the 4th district this cycle.

Morse received donations from all ten counties in the 4th congressional district. In the previous quarter, she established a cash-on-hand advantage over McClintock and outraised him significantly, $292,000 to $215,000.

"I am honored that so many people from across the district put their trust in me and this campaign to bring much-needed change to Washington," said Morse. "As a fifth-generation Northern Californian, I have deep roots in this community, and pledge to be a fighter for working families here every single day. Residents of the 4th district are already speaking loud and clear: it's time for ineffective, lifelong career politicians like Tom McClintock to go."

Morse's fundraising success comes on the heels of receiving the California Democratic Party's official endorsement at the state convention in February, where she earned 65% of the delegates' votes. Also this quarter, the Cook Political Report – one of the nation’s leading nonpartisan political newsletters – moved the 4th district race out of the "Solid Republican" category, in large part due to the strength of Morse’s campaign, indicating the race has the potential to become highly competitive by November.

McClintock Challenger [Jessica Morse] Announces $359,000 Fundraising Haul

Roll Call | Eric Garcia

Jessica Morse, a Democratic challenger to Rep. Tom McClintock announced she raised $359,000 in the most recent fundraising quarter. Morse’s campaign also said in a statement that she had $717,000 in cash on hand at the beginning of the second fundraising quarter of the year

...Morse’s campaign said she has raised $914,000 so far in the race. “Residents of the 4th district are already speaking loud and clear: it’s time for ineffective, lifelong career politicians like Tom McClintock to go," she said in a statement.

Rep. Tom McClintock attacks American wilderness with a Big Lie

Sacramento News & Review | Alastair Bland

Jessica Morse, who will be challenging McClintock in the election, blames him for deeper-rooted issues that have hamstrung forest managers and ultimately harmed the state’s forests. “The underfunding of the Forest Service is the problem,” she said. “They’ve been hit by the budget cuts that Tom McClintock voted for.”

...Morse warned that McClintock is playing with fire, so to speak, with flawed forest management strategies that could have long-lasting impacts. “If you make a wrong move with forest management, it can have consequences that can last decades,” she said. “Our watersheds and our water supplies could be affected.”

Morse says she has a better plan to help the state’s trees: “More funding for fire prevention.”

Meet endorsed candidate for District 4, Jessica Morse

Auburn Journal | Staff Report

Jessica Morse, a fifth-generation Northern Californian, was endorsed as the only Democratic candidate for District 4 at the recent California Democratic Party State Convention. She has  raised more than $294,000 for the fourth quarter of 2017 — more than Congressman Tom McClintock’s $216,000 total. Her totals have been larger than all the cash raised by McClintock opponents in each of the three prior elections.

Sierra Forward Endorses Jessica Morse [Blog]

Sierra Forward

Emphasizing the need to unify and get on with the task of defeating five-term Congressman and lifelong politician Tom McClintock (R-Elk Grove), Sierra Forward today announced its support for the Democratic frontrunner, Jessica Morse, of Pollock Pines.

Rochelle Wilcox (of Roseville), herself a candidate in the 4th district until she suspended her campaign late last year and who is now a member of the Sierra Forward Leadership Team, says of Ms. Morse, “Jessica’s character was revealed at a young age, when she committed her life to service. First, she traveled to Nepal and Ethiopia to help improve the lives of people there. Then she joined US AID, to support its critical mission in war-torn Iraq. After that, she went to graduate school studying ways that America can play a constructive role in the world, and then gained a prestigious fellowship advising our military in the Pacific. She has done more for our country and humanity in the past fifteen years than most people do in a lifetime.”

Wilcox went on to blast Republicans in control of Congress, saying that, “They have rammed through a billionaires’ tax cut, ignored our desperate need for infrastructure spending, sabotaged the Affordable Care Act, started to sell off treasured public lands, opened the gateway to expanded off-shore drilling and reduced protection of our shores and waterways. To reverse these outrages and prevent future assaults on our way of life, we need to put Democrats in charge of the House of Representatives.”

Declaring that “Sierra Forward’s commitment to change is stronger than ever,” former Regina Bateson supporter, contributor and fundraiser Corley Phillips of Granite Bay, who now heads Sierra Forward’s Finance Committee, continued “California is under attack by both the White House and Congress, and McClintock is aiding and abetting that effort. It’s time we got better representation for the 4th district!” Phillips went on to warn, however, that “We won’t be able to do that if we continue to fight among ourselves. It is time to unite and to get on with the task of beating Tom McClintock! That is why I am in support of Sierra Forward’s decision to fully embrace Jessica Morse’s candidacy for Congress.”

Reflecting her years as a progressive political activist, including service as Bob Derlet’s campaign manager in his race for Congress in 2016, Kate Scott (Lincoln), Vice Chair of Sierra Forward, declared, “Democrats are bound together by values that matter to us—equal opportunity for all, health care as a right, clean air and water, and a government that works for all of us. Sometimes we argue about how best to achieve those goals, but we never abandon those values.” Turning to the 2018 midterm election, Ms. Scott said, “We have new excitement and more energy this year. And we have unanimous agreement on the need to replace Tom McClintock, and to send him back to Southern California. For that reason, I am delighted that Sierra Forward has decided to get behind Jessica Morse at this early juncture and to give her the boost that will help put her over the top on June 5.”

“We all recognize that winning in this district won’t be easy,” said Sierra Forward’s Campaign Manager, Les Francis (Camino), but we have research that shows it is entirely possible—only 35% of district voters support the reelection of the incumbent; volunteer support for the effort is greater than anyone has ever seen before. It is doable.” He then added, “But the sooner we get on with the campaign against McClintock the better. The longer the intramural fight continues, the more negativity that gets injected into the conversation, the tougher our task becomes. It is time to end the division and it is time to unite behind Jessica Morse. She is the endorsed candidate. She is the best candidate. And she will be the winning candidate!”

Sierra Forward is a ten county, congressional district-wide campaign organization devoted solely to defeating Rep. McClintock and replacing him with a Democrat. Because of its work, and the strength of Ms. Morse’s campaign to date, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), has elevated the 4th district race to its list of targeted campaigns in California.

Placer Women Democrats Endorse Jessica Morse for Congress [Blog]

Placer Women Democrats

The Placer Women Democrats today strongly endorsed Jessica Morse to represent California’s Fourth District in Congress.

In a unanimous vote, the board of directors agreed that Jessica Morse has the integrity, ability and commitment to address our district’s most urgent challenges, from job creation and rural broadband to fire safety.

As women and as community leaders in Placer County, we are thrilled to have a candidate of Jessica’s caliber who is also a fifth-generation daughter of the Sierra foothills.

We believe it is crucial for Democrats to unify behind the strongest possible candidate, which Jessica has proven herself to be. We have an extraordinary opportunity this year to unseat the do-nothing Republican incumbent, who has never lived in our district, and to elect a leader who will put community ahead of party. We should not squander this opportunity.

Jessica Morse is exactly the kind of unifying leader we need. As a national security strategist, she served our nation as a civilian in Iraq at the height of the war and then helped manage the State Department and USAID budgets for Iraq reconstruction. As an adviser to the head of the US Pacific Command, she drafted a key element of the US-India defense strategy.

Here at home, Jessica has attracted passionate grass-roots support, as well as praise from leaders across the state. The California Democratic Party overwhelmingly endorsed Jessica as its preferred candidate for Congress in the Fourth District.

Jessica has earned our support.


About Placer Woman Democrats: Placer Women Democrats is a grassroots group of women in South Placer County in California working to elect progressive female candidates to office and to educate all voters on local, state and national issues. Placer Women Democrats seeks to identify and support the election of qualified women Democratic candidates with a focus on urgent issues affecting women, including reproductive rights, equal pay, LGBTQ rights, human rights, immigration, education, and environmental protection.

Too-close race in Pennsylvania signals ominous 2018 for GOP

McClatchy | Alex Roarty

In California’s 4th District – another area that went heavily for Trump – Republican Rep. Thomas McClintock actually had less money on hand than one of his Democratic challengers, Jessica Morse.

Democrats also point out that, in some cases, Republican incumbents are also lawmakers who haven’t run a competitive race in years, raising questions about their ability to pull together a strong, modern campaign against fierce opposition.

Representative Eric Swalwell Endorses Jessica Morse for Congress [Blog]

Congressman Eric Swalwell (CA-15)

By: Congressman Eric Swalwell (CA-15)

I am proud to endorse Jessica Morse for Congress in California’s 4th Congressional District because she has dedicated her career to advancing America's national security. As a member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, I am gravely concerned about the dangers our nation faces from those who would seek to undermine our democracy. We need more leaders like Jessica who are unwavering in their commitment to always putting the interests of our nation first. With a record of dedicated public service, Jessica has proven herself to be that kind of leader.

Local lesson in media literacy

Sacramento News & Review | Eric Johnson

This is one of the most important congressional races in California, and in the nation. I’m glad the California Dems ignored this nothing-burger and endorsed [Jessica] Morse.

Can California’s fourth congressional district be flipped?

Sacramento News & Review | John Flynn

“McClintock only represents his political party, and there’s a cost of doing that to our community,” [Jessica Morse] said. “Whether it’s forest fires, workforce housing, access to broadband, healthcare, education—these are issues that impact every member of our community, regardless of party, and need a real advocate to be working on solving them.”

Ben Rhodes, President Obama’s former Deputy National Security Adviser, Endorses Jessica Morse for California’s Fourth Congressional District

The Pine Tree

"At this dangerous moment, Congress needs more leaders who are willing to defend American values, inspire others to get involved, and put our country’s long-term interests ahead of their personal ones,” Rhodes declared. “Jessica Morse is that kind of leader.”

...Rhodes continued: "Jessica showed personal courage. As a young person, she went to an Iraq that was still rife with conflict. Jessica showed creativity. While at PACOM, she developed an innovative approach – using renewable energy – as a way to advance the U.S.-India defense relationship, which was a top national security priority for the Obama Administration."

Ben Rhodes Endorses Jessica Morse for Congress [Blog]

Ben Rhodes, former Deputy National Security Advisor to President Obama from 2009 to 2017

As someone who spent eight years as President Obama’s Deputy National Security Adviser, I am concerned about America’s national security and our standing in the world. At this dangerous moment, Congress needs more leaders who are willing to defend American values, inspire others to get involved, and put our country’s long-term interests ahead of their personal ones.

Jessica Morse is that kind of leader. She served our country in Iraq with USAID, helped coordinate the significant Iraq foreign aid budget at the State Department, and served as an advisor to the head of U.S. Pacific Command. She has first-hand experience in defense, diplomacy, and development. Representative Tom McClintock is a career politician who has supported President Trump’s reckless approach to foreign policy, which risks greater conflict. Jessica has worked, sometimes in dangerous places, to address the consequences of war and build the cooperation that can prevent new ones.

Jessica showed personal courage. As a young person, she went to an Iraq that was still rife with conflict. Jessica showed creativity. While at PACOM, she developed an innovative approach - using renewable energy as a way to advance the U.S.-India defense relationship, which was a top national security priority for the Obama Administration. She drafted a strategy and built a coalition of people across the government to get that done, which is what we need more of from Congress today.

I’ve sat in the room with the most senior decision-makers in our government. And I can tell you that they rely on the advice, analysis, and hard work of people in positions just like the ones that Jessica occupied - people whose names are not in the headlines. Indeed, I believe that the young people I met in national security - whether in the military, Foreign Service, intelligence community, or development professionals like Jessica - are the lifeblood of our nation’s defense. They bring energy, patriotism, and new ideas to the table. We should be honoring that type of service; we certainly need more of it.

We are lucky, as a country, that there is a generation of Americans who signed up to serve in various capacities after 9/11. Jessica Morse did the type of jobs that don’t always get the spotlight, but they make the difference. She has a perspective that doesn’t just come from Washington, it comes from the field. She had colleagues who liked and respected her.

Jessica Morse has every reason to be proud of her accomplishments. She has proven that she has the intelligence, courage and commitment to find constructive solutions to daunting problems in some of the most trying circumstances. That’s why I am proud to support her as she pursues the next chapter in her service by running for the United States Congress.

One Week Later [Blog]

Jessica Morse

In fifth grade, I remember huddling under my desk at school as my teacher turned off the lights, pulled the curtains and locked the doors. The intruder alarm was blaring. She assured us it was just a drill. She read us a story as we lay on the floor under our metal desks in the dimly lit classroom. Later that day, I learned that someone had come onto campus with a gun. I think back to the bravery of my teacher, allowing us to feel safe in our classroom, sheltering us from the terror she must have felt.  

My eyes still well with tears when I think of the brave teacher at Sandy Hook who shuffled all of her first graders into a bathroom, then stepped out and sacrificed her life, and the football coach at Parkland who shielded students with his own body. Our teachers are brave and courageous and self-sacrificing every day. But they shouldn’t have to be.

McClintock suggests that more guns in schools would have stopped this unthinkable tragedy. He believes teachers and “men, women, and children” should be armed to protect themselves.

I have lived in a world in which everyone was armed with automatic weapons. It’s called a war zone. I’m here to tell you it was not safer.

We all want to protect our children and families, our schools and places of worship, our communities and citizens. Americans are less divided on this issue than it appears. We must agree on common sense safety measures to protect our families and communities from this awful violence.

Like many in our district, I grew up hunting with my family and respect the rights of responsible gun owners. I know firsthand the difference between a gun designed for hunting and one designed for combat.

In California, we are lucky to have some of the strongest, and most effective, gun safety policies in the country - background checks on all gun sales, required waiting periods, and a ban on assault weapons. I want to take these common sense protections we already have in California and make them federal policy.

Even amidst the darkest grief, there is a glimmer of hope. Watching the brave and passionate young survivors of Parkland cry out for action has moved all of us to tears, and needs to move us to action.

Let’s start by holding representatives like McClintock accountable. As the students of Parkland are demonstrating, we can hold them accountable with our voice and with our vote.

Correcting the Record [Blog]

Jessica Morse

We’re grateful that, with your help, we’ve built such momentum running a positive campaign focused squarely on the needs of people in the 4th District. We’ve tried to live by Michelle Obama’s advice to always go high, and to date, we have run a campaign that has stayed positive and avoided attacks on the other Democratic women in this race. But in light of recent attacks on my career in national security, I do want to share more with you about my service as a civilian to our country. It’s a story that I’m proud to tell.

My call to serve came at a young age, and in a way I didn’t expect. In 2005, when I was 23 years old and just six months into my first job, with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in Washington, DC, I was asked to go to Iraq to replace an injured colleague. I had opposed the decision to invade Iraq,  but recognized that civilians were suffering on the ground and our troops would never get home unless we worked to stabilize the situation and support reconstruction.  

Ultimately, I served in Iraq for a year and a half, during a period of intense political turmoil and rising insurgent violence. I worked first as an Information Officer documenting USAID’s work around the country, and then in increasingly responsible roles as Donor Coordination Advisor and later Activity Manager overseeing two USAID programs related to Iraq’s civil service, elections, and media. Throughout my deployment, I worked alongside diplomatic and military colleagues in a coordinated effort to create security, promote economic development, and support Iraqi self-government.  

When I returned to Washington in 2007, still just 25, I had more first-hand experience of conditions on the ground in Iraq than most civilians in government at the time. As a result, I was appointed Iraq Country Coordinator in the office of the Director of U.S. Foreign Assistance (under Henrietta Fore). In that role, it was my responsibility to coordinate non-military assistance to Iraq within the State Department and USAID, vetting proposals for funding, ensuring that resources went to the most effective programs, and resolving conflicts and overlaps between agencies.   

After leaving State to earn my Master’s degree in Public Affairs with a focus in Nuclear Non-Proliferation and International Security from Princeton University, I was chosen for the Presidential Management Fellowship (PMF), a highly selective federal government training and development program. Designed to fast-track careers in government, the PMF rotates young leaders through positions in different government agencies. During my two-year fellowship, I served rotations as a Political Officer in our embassy in India, and then as a Strategic Policy Analyst and later an advisor to the Commander of US Pacific Command (military headquarters for Asia and the Pacific). At Pacific Command, I joined the Commander’s Action Group and drafted a US-India defense strategy using renewable energy technology transfer as the foundation for defense cooperation. I later returned to USAID, where I helped develop foreign assistance programs and budgets for politically sensitive countries including Syria, Egypt, Jordan, and Burma.

I have been honored to receive awards from each of the agencies for my work. These include the Superior Honor Award from the US Department of State; the Distinguished Honor Group Award from the US Agency for International Development; and the Joint Civilian Service Achievement Award from the US Department of Defense.

After Swiftboating, birtherism, and other attacks, Democrats are all too familiar with smears as a political tactic. While I never expected this in our primary, I’m glad for the chance to speak up about my career and my service to our country. I am running because I believe I am the right person to represent our community and challenge career politician Tom McClintock.

Thank you for helping me put a stop to false and negative campaigning. We are working together to change the political culture and that effort starts with us.  

Our campaign welcomes any additional questions -- please reach out to us at You can also view detailed answers to additional questions on our website.


In their own words, hear from people who served with me:

Dirk Djikerman, former Chief Operating Officer, Office of the Director of US Foreign Assistance

“Jessica helped me at the Department of State, as the Iraq Country Coordinator. Here she successfully guided $25 billion in Federal funds through Congressional appropriations and oversight committees, and coordinated with the many different U.S. Government departments and agencies engaged in Iraq’s reconstruction and recovery. I last benefited from her expertise when she advised me on managing USAID’s multi-billion dollar budget for the Ebola crisis in West Africa. Drawing from her international experience and knowledge on navigating Washington, she advanced two high-stakes U.S. National Security priorities.”

Captain (Ret.) Dave Cutter, US Navy

“From 2011 to 2012, Jessica and I were colleagues at the US Pacific Command in Honolulu, Hawaii. At the time, I was the Director of the Commander's Action Group, commonly referred to as the CAG. We were a small team of trusted advisors and strategists to the four-star military commander whose strategic focus was concentrated on enhancing the US pol-mil relationship with three major stakeholders in the region; our existing allies and partners, China and India. Jessica’s area of expertise on the team was our relationship with India. As we developed the pol-mil element of the Obama administration’s Asia-Pacific rebalance strategy, her drive to pursue a bio-fuel initiative was an innovative path to enhance the United States’ rapidly growing relationship with a major strategic player in the region.”

Gautam Rana, Deputy Chief of Mission, US Embassy Slovenia

“I was the Deputy Political Counselor at the U.S. Embassy in New Delhi when we were lucky enough to get Jessica for six months as a Presidential Management Fellow. The most important event for the Embassy was our yearly Strategic Dialogue with the Indian Government. Jessica played a critical role in ensuring the 2012 Strategic Dialogue was successful, including helping to draft key papers and providing important logistical support. Jessica was a terrific colleague and her efforts helped ensure the continued development of the U.S.-India bilateral relationship.”

Jamie Beutler Endorses Jessica Morse for Congress [Blog]

Jamie Beutler, Chair Emeritus, California Democratic Party Rural Caucus

It was my honor to serve as Chair of the Rural Caucus for 14 years. I am devoted to electing Democrats who represent rural values and give a voice to our varied communities. This year, I am proud to support Jessica Morse for Congress.

Jessica will fight for our community. She has deep roots here and will listen to our neighbors to find what’s right for us. She has the experience needed to get things done for our community in the federal government. She knows the intricacies of the federal budget and will be able to push forward projects like rural broadband access, healthcare, education and fire prevention.

I have been disappointed to see negativity directed towards Jessica. As party leaders, I urge us to stand together, focus on the real issue at hand: defeating Tom McClintock and bringing real representation back to our community. We can only defeat McClintock if we remain united as a party. As we all learned from 2016, we must stay devoted to truth and electing leaders who inspire with their positive vision for our community.

Her positive campaign is yet another reason why I am supporting Jessica. When I asked her how she intended to respond to the negativity, her response was; “I did not get into this race to bash other Democratic women, and I encourage my supporters to refrain from negative responses.”

That is the kind of courage and leadership we need in CD-4!

Jessica Morse and her campaign are committed to staying positive and bringing new people into the fold. And they have the team, resources, grassroots energy, and vision needed to win in November.

If you have any questions about Jessica’s career or background, you can read the campaign’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page here.

I am proud to support Jessica Morse for Congress, and I hope you will join me.

McClintock out-raised by Democratic challengers

Mountain Democrat | Mark Studyvin

Democratic challenger Jessica Morse of Pollock Pines raised about $293,000 in campaign contributions from Oct. 1 through Dec. 31...“I’m humbled and inspired by the overwhelming support for our campaign,” said Morse. “Thousands of people are investing in our race from across the political spectrum. Everyone is hungry for a campaign that inspires rather than divides. Our message of putting our community above party is energizing a grassroots wave in our district that take us to victory in November.”

Representative Jared Huffman Endorses Jessica Morse for Congress [Blog]

Representative Jared Huffman (CA-02)

San Rafael, CA  – Congressman Jared Huffman (CA-2), who represents the northernmost coast of California, endorsed Jessica Morse today in her bid for Congress in California’s Fourth District.

“Our country needs smart, principled problem solvers like Jessica Morse in Congress,” said Representative Jared Huffman. “With her decade of national security experience, deep roots in Northern California, and strong commitment to fighting climate change and protecting our precious natural resources, she will be a strong and effective leader for the people of the 4th District. I am proud to endorse Jessica Morse for Congress.”

Jessica Morse responded: “I am honored to earn Representative Huffman’s support. In our district, climate change is a present danger. From forest fires, to tree mortality to our struggling ski industry, our community is living on the front lines of climate change. I’ve been grateful for Representative Huffman’s leadership and advocacy on climate change and clean energy solutions. I am excited to work with him in Congress to protect our communities and our planet. I am proud to earn his endorsement.”

Jessica Morse recently earned the support of over 55% of local Democratic leaders who voted in the California Democratic pre-endorsement conference, and she will be eligible to be endorsed by the California Democratic Party at the February State Convention.

She has also been endorsed by Representative Ro Khanna (CA-17); Charlie Brown, the 2006 and 2008 candidate in California’s 4th Congressional District; Bob Derlet, the 2016 candidate in the 4th District; and, the Mariposa County Democratic Club, Democratic Club of Coarsegold, Tuolumne County Democratic Club, the Democratic Women's Coalition of Tuolumne County, and thousands of supporters across the district.

Two Democratic hopefuls outraise McClintock in fourth quarter

Union Democrat | Alex MacLean       

Morse, a national security strategist who spent the past 10 years working with the Defense Department, State Department and USAID, also raised more money than McClintock in the third quarter of last year.

She had about $27,000 more in cash on hand at the end of the year than the veteran conservative politician, with nearly $489,000 compared to McClintock’s $462,000.

Morse attributed her fundraising success to running a positive campaign and making an effort to meet face-to-face with constituents throughout the district, which covers 10 counties stretching from Placer County south to Fresno County.

This 'safe' Republican Congressman is Losing the Race for Campaign Cash

Sacramento Bee | Emily Cadei                             

Morse ended 2017 with more money in the bank than McClintock – $489,000 to $462,000.

  • National Democrats have also signaled growing confidence about the race’s competitiveness, adding the 4th District to its list of targeted races this past fall. And the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has been bashing McClintock, along with other California Republicans in Congress, for supporting Trump priorities like the new tax law and offshore drilling that they argue hurt the state’s residents.

Republican in Strong GOP District Raised Less Money Than Democrats

Los Angeles Times | Sarah D. Wire & Christine Mai-Duc

Morse now has more cash in the bank than McClintock, with $488,842 reported as of the end of the year compared with his $461,943.

For some California Democrats, early endorsements deliver boost in House races

Los Angeles Times | Javier Panzar  

The results give an early glimpse of where the competitive House races stand — who is consolidating strength among the party's grass roots and which races remain wide open contests. There will be another round of voting for the candidates in these races. The favorites are:

  • Jessica Morse got 55% in the 4th District vote, running against two other candidates. She is challenging Rep. Tom McClintock.

Representative Ro Khana Endorses Jessica Morse for Congress [Blog]

Congressman Ro Khanna (CA-17)

Santa Clara, CA  – Congressman Ro Khanna (CA-17), who represents the heart of Silicon Valley, strongly endorsed Jessica Morse today in her bid for Congress in California’s Fourth District.

“Jessica has the experience and deep community roots needed to advocate for the Fourth District,” said Representative Ro Khanna. “Jessica is a rising star with a lifetime of dedication to public service and a decade of experience working in national security and on the federal budget. She has shown the ability to listen and respond to the needs of her neighbors, and she will be a strong champion for her community. Jessica will be a crucial ally in the fight to maintain net neutrality and expand rural broadband across the country. I am proud to endorse Jessica Morse for Congress.”

Jessica Morse responded: “I am honored to earn Representative Khanna’s support. Since his election to office, the Congressman has not been afraid to address some of our nation’s toughest challenges - from adapting and preparing our workforce to the changing economy to moving our approach to foreign policy away from military interventionism. His thoughtful leadership, coalition-building, and policy-making have been a great example for me, and a model for how public servants should strive to lead. I am deeply honored to have his endorsement.”

Jessica Morse was also recently endorsed by Charlie Brown, the 2006 and 2008 Democratic candidate in California’s 4th Congressional District and Bob Derlet, the 2016 Democratic candidate in the 4th District. She has also earned the grassroots support of the Mariposa County Democratic Club, Democratic Club of Coarsegold, Tuolumne County Democratic Club, the Democratic Women's Coalition of Tuolumne County, and thousands of supporters across the district.

Jessica Morse is a former national security strategist with over a decade of service in the Defense Department, State Department, and USAID. She has worked across the world, including more than a year in Iraq at the height of the war. In Congress, Morse will focus on promoting job creation, investing in fire prevention, and protecting our natural resources through water conservation and forest management.

Morse lives in Pollock Pines. She is a fifth-generation northern Californian whose ancestors crossed the Sierra in covered wagons and settled outside of Auburn, where Morse and her family still own and manage two hundred acres of forestland today.

For more information or to attend an upcoming event with Jessica Morse, contact Teddy Smyth at 706-414-7475 or, or visit

Earth to Congress Competition! [Blog]

Earth to Congress

Calling all creatives!

The Jessica Morse for Congress campaign is holding a contest to design a special set of sustainable campaign swag. Campaigns shouldn’t add to the landfill - they should take away from it. We need your help to make this happen. We’re excited to give a platform for local artisans to help us change the political culture to one of sustainability.

We are looking for creative folks who can incorporate our campaign logo and use sustainable or recycled materials like bark beetle-kill wood to design cool campaign swag built to last.  

We’d love to see all your creative swag ideas. From coffee mugs to cutting boards, from trucker hats to  refrigerator magnets — if you can put a cool design on it and re-produce it at a reasonable cost, we can sell them made-to-order on our website. It’s like Etsy, but for campaign swag!

Please create a visual mock-up of your design and send it to If you aren’t the creative type, but know someone who is, please share this campaign with them!

Important Dates:

February 5, 2018 – Deadline for entries.  

February 8, 2018 – Winners selected by this date.  

February 19, 2018 – Buttons/other swag must be able to be delivered (either in-person or to a mailing address to be provided to the winner) by this date.

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Charlie Brown Endorses Jessica Morse for Congress [Blog]

Charlie Brown, 2006 and 2008 Democratic Candidate in California's 4th District

I am endorsing Jessica Morse's campaign to represent California’s 4th Congressional District.

I have talked to every candidate to run against McClintock since 2008 and believe Jessica has the knowledge and experience to best represent the people in the Fourth Congressional District. If you have not already visited her website, please take the time to visit her website and learn about her experience and her positions on the many issues facing our district and our country.

Please talk to your friends and neighbors about supporting Jessica. Defeating an incumbent, career politician like McClintock will take a lot of volunteers, a lot of donations, and the effort of everyone who is tired of politicians who put their interests above the needs of the district and our country.

You don't want to wake up after the election this November wondering if you could have done more to support Jessica.  Now is the time to get involved.

The Power of Our Community - Year End Financial Update for 2017 [Blog]

Jessica Morse

This past fiscal quarter of 2017, this community showed up to declare that we are changing the political culture and bringing public service back to politics. Our campaign is thrilled to report that at the close of the final fundraising quarter of the year, you helped us raise over $294,000, bringing our total amount raised for 2017 to over $557,000! We now have more than $492,000 cash on hand in our war chest to bring real representation back to our district. 

This community has been such an inspiration to our campaign. Over the past several months, so many of you have hosted house parties, fundraisers, meet and greet events, hosted us in your homes as we have traveled our vast district, and many of you have come to our service events to give back to our community. Through it all, the momentum of our campaign is carried by you. In a year where we could have collectively focused so much energy on what divides us, it has been our shared love for our home district that has united us.

That's why I am so humbled and and inspired by the overwhelming support for our campaign. Thousands of people are investing in our race from across the political spectrum. Everyone is hungry for a campaign that inspires rather than divides. Our message of putting our community above party is energizing a grassroots wave in our district that will take us to victory in November. 

On behalf of myself, our staff, and our relentless volunteers, thank you! 

Women's March 2018 isn't about Trump—it's about upending the entire political system

Newsweek | Marie Solis

Jessica Morse has served on the front lines in Iraq. She’s hiked 500 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail by herself. But until a year ago, she never felt brave enough to run for office—to put her own name on a ballot, and give herself over to public scrutiny.

“After the 2016 election, I felt like I’d seen what happens when women run for office,” Morse told Newsweek. “I thought, ‘How could I run in this environment? How can I serve my community if my good record and merit don’t mean anything?’”

Democratic candidates start new year in the Mother Lode

Calaveras Enterprise | Ross Johnson

On Jan. 7, candidate Jessica Morse addressed a crowd of almost 200 attendees at the Tuolumne County Ambulance Headquarters in Sonora. Morse seeks to replace Republican incumbent of California’s 4th Congressional District, Tom McClintock.

“We need political leaders who are going to look outside the box,” she said. In a pointed reference to McClintock’s Southern California roots, she told her audience that “It’s time to say goodbye to a Southern Californian who keeps stealing our water.”

Another View: How Washington fueled our wildfires

Roseville & Granite Bay Press Tribune | Jessica Morse

In this op-ed by Jessica, she discusses how bad policy and willful negligence from McClintock and Washington have made wildfires worse and what must be done to fix the problem.

"This year's fire season has been the worst on record for California...It's time to fully fund fire prevention, so that putting out today's fire doesn't make the next one more likely."

Mariposa Democratic Club Endorses Jessica Morse as the Democratic Candidate to Represent the 4th Congressional District of California in the U.S. House of Representatives

Sierra Sun Times

The members of the Mariposa Democratic Club were conducting a meeting to vote on who was going to represent the Democrats in Congressional District 4.

Over 60 ballots were handed out to the members with the names of the three candidates...Candidate Jessica Morse was nominated by over 50% of the members.

Jessica Morse accruing war chest in run against Tom McClintock

Roseville & Granite Bay Press Tribune | Graham Womack

Morse, a 35-year-old Pollock Pines resident who spent 10 years working in national security before entering the Congressional race last year, is ready for the fight of her life.

“I’m really tough, I’m made of steel and I know exactly what I’m walking into in terms of Congress and I’m going to be incredibly effective,” Morse said in a late December interview with The Press Tribune. “I’m running because I’m going to be the most effective advocate for our community and I’m not afraid of McClintock.”

The Leadership We Need [Blog]

Dr. Bob Derlet, 2016 Candidate for US Congress

I have just endorsed Jessica Morse for the US Congress, House of Representatives in the 2018 election. Among all the candidates running for Congress in CD-04, she is the only candidate who can beat Tom McClintock.

Our current Congressman, Tom McClintock, does not represent the people in the California foothills. He has undermined our families, our workers, and our children by:

-- Voting for a tax bill that gives large corporations big tax breaks, and makes us pay.

-- Not voting for funding to adequately support education in our district. Have you seen the worn out textbooks some of our high school students use?

-- Not voting for adequate funding to scientifically manage and thin our forests. Remember those awful Butte, Rim, Detwiler, and King fires? Increased federal funding is needed for forest management, including removal of bark beetle killed trees.

-- Refusing to sponsor legislation to rein in the outrageous costs of healthcare. Think about this the next time you shell out $200 for a prescription drug, or pay your $1,000 monthly insurance premium.

I am behind Jessica because she is a fighter. She will stand up for the people of this district and not back down. She will provide the hands on leadership we need and listen to all the people in our district.

When I ran for Congress in 2016, I learned how important every dollar is to a campaign.

Please donate to Morse for Congress.

Let’s send Jessica to Washington, DC. in 2018!

How Washington fueled our wildfires

Union Democrat | Jessica Morse

In this op-ed by Jessica, she discusses how bad policy and willful negligence from McClintock and Washington have made wildfires worse and what must be done to fix the problem.

"This year's fire season has been the worst on record for California...It's time to fully fund fire prevention, so that putting out today's fire doesn't make the next one more likely."

What the New Tax Overhaul Means for Truckee/Tahoe: Jessica Morse on the tax bill

The Moonshine Ink | Sage Sauerbrey

President Trump signed the tax overhaul into law this morning. The state and local cap is still in place, as well as more than a handful of other details included in the bill that will directly affect individuals in the Truckee/Tahoe area almost immediately — or as soon as the bill goes into effect on Jan. 1, 2018. Shortly before the bill was signed into law by the president, we spoke with McClintock’s front running challenger, Dem. Jessica Morse, about some of her concerns regarding how this bill will affect California, the fourth district, and the Tahoe/Truckee region.

Local incumbents, challengers show interest in 2018 primary races

Union Democrat | Alex MacLean

Morse surprised many earlier this year by raising more money than McClintock in the third quarter of the year. She had about $248,000 left in cash to spend as of Sept. 30, while he had about $354,000. In November, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee added the largely Republican district to its list of targets in 2018 following Morse’s strong quarter of fundraising and Democratic victories in traditionally red districts elsewhere.

1st-time female candidates encouraged by Roy Moore’s Alabama defeat

San Francisco Chronicle | Joe Garofoli

Morse is running in a largely rural, largely conservative district that is pretty Alabama by California standards, spanning 10 inland counties from north of Sacramento to near Fresno. So the former State Department official, who grew up in the district, isn’t talking about the Iran nuclear deal. She’s talking about bark beetles. That’s her Route 28.

Passion and Pragmatism [Blog]

Capt. David Cutter, US Navy (retired)

When I met Jessica in 2011, I immediately knew that I wanted her on our team at US Pacific Command in Hawaii. Two qualities jumped out after that first meeting; her passion and her pragmatism. Having recently returned from time in India, her expertise filled a critical gap in our organization, the Commander's Action Group, commonly referred to as the CAG.

We were a small team of trusted civilian and military advisors to the four-star commander whose strategic focus was concentrated on enhancing the US pol-mil relationship with major stakeholders in the Pacific region. The CAG acted as the commander's "eyes and ears" regarding political, military, and economic trends in 36 Asia-Pacific nations.

Passionate about innovative paths to enhance the United States’ rapidly growing relationship with India, Jessica developed a comprehensive bio-fuel initiative that was initially viewed with skepticism from military commanders. Despite these obstacles, she adapted her plan in a sensible and realistic fashion that stayed true to its core objectives. The combination of her passion for the issues combined with her pragmatic approach to “getting the job done” resulted in the bio-fuel initiative being approved by the commander for execution.

While I don’t currently live in the Sierra, I feel a deep kinship with the region. Early in my military career, I spent time at Mather Air Force Base training to become a navigator. At every possible opportunity when I wasn’t flying or in class, I found myself heading east into the mountain communities of the 4th district to ski, hike, and explore the backcountry.

During our time as colleagues in Hawaii, Jessica and I discovered that we shared a passion for the issues of mountain communities. From fire prevention and forest management to developing tourism while preserving the natural wonders around us, it was clear she understood the fragile balance needed to sustain our mountain homes.

When it comes down to it, Jessica is that rare breed of person - passionate about the issues yet pragmatic about the necessity to take action. Passion without action is just noise, and Jessica is the right kind of leader that we need in today’s noisy environment. 

Democrats scour map for sleeper races

Politico | David Siders

In McClintock’s sprawling, largely rural Northern California district — where Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton by more than 14 percentage points last year — the congressman’s opponents are raising cash at a surprising clip. One of his Democratic challengers, Jessica Morse, raised more money than McClintock in the third quarter.

Tax protest held in Sonora's Courthouse Park

Union Democrat | Alex MacLean

“We have some really great congressional candidates and one of them (Jessica Morse) raised more money in the last quarter than McClintock,” said Robert Carabas, chairman of the Tuolumne County Democratic Club. “That’s because she’s not only getting money from Democrats, but across the board.”

Why I Support Jessica [Blog]

Mayor Morgan Goodwin, Town of Truckee

I am thrilled to announce my support for Jessica Morse for California’s 4th congressional district. As a hiker, skier, mountain-lover, and Mayor of Truckee, I am so excited to have someone of this caliber as our congressional candidate.

Up in Truckee, we know how to pull together to do what's best for our community. This past winter, when snow, rain, mudslides, and floods shut down all of our roads and knocked out power, our public agencies, citizens, and local companies all worked hard to restore emergency services, take care of elderly neighbors, and keep our economy moving. Living in the mountains and the foothills take a hardy perseverance and a determination to work together, and Jess has both of those qualities in abundance.

When I met Jess this spring, she joined me for Truckee Day - our annual community cleanup day. We spent the morning on an I-80 interchange, pulling snow chains, soda cups, plastic bags, and all sorts of junk out of the mud. Jess didn't hesitate to roll up her sleeves and get to work as she told me all about her career. And the work she's done is impressive! Freeing bonded laborers from US military bases in Iraq, protecting national security by bringing renewable energy to rural India, managing the federal aid budget - it was a trash cleanup day I won't forget.

Living on the crest of the Sierra Nevada, the threat of climate change looms large. More of our storms falling as rain than snow, more uncertain ski seasons, terrifying fire threats, difficulties getting fire insurance...the list of climate impacts we worry about is long, and the solutions are complex and interconnected. The solutions are also really exciting. Massive forest-thinning efforts to create new forest product industries, biomass clean energy, and energy retrofit jobs are just the tip of the iceberg. And Jess really gets it, both the dangers and the solutions, as well as the sheer scale of the challenge we're up against.

In the last 6 months, I've gotten to hear about her travels up and down the district. I've heard about the good she's doing for the district already by connecting community leaders, innovative companies, and cutting-edge research. I've seen her synergize her 5-generations of family history in the area and her own life experience into a message that's inspiring both red and blue voters in our big district. I've seen her put our district on the national map, literally, by convincing national politicos that the 4th district is fired up to overcome a longtime incumbent. I'm impressed with what she's done so far, and it seems like she's only getting started.

Every day I get to work together with the amazing people of Truckee to make our community stronger. Supporting Jess is a natural extension of that work, and I hope you'll join me in supporting her.

Democrats see opportunity in a strongly Republican California congressional district

Los Angeles Times | Chris Megerian

Morse, 35, grew up in Carmichael and received a graduate degree from Princeton. She spent more than a year in Iraq with the United States Agency for International Development, then worked for the State Department in Washington and U.S. Pacific Command in Hawaii. She moved back to California two years ago and lives in Pollock Pines.

A Fighter for Our Sierra [Blog]

Cody Townsend

We are mountain people. We are defined by our backyard. We live, work, play, and raise our families in the Sierra Mountains. John Muir once said, “In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.” We know that’s not just a simple quote - that’s something that we truly understand because that is our everyday life.

There is something unique about our corner of California and the people that live here, which is why we need and deserve political representation that truly represents our unique values as mountain people. Someone that is one of us, someone who understands our challenges, someone who will fight for us, and someone who will protect our backyard. This is exactly why I am supporting Jessica Morse for Congress.

Like many of you, politics hasn’t really been my thing. As a career professional skier and adventurer based out of Tahoe City, I found more value in seeking the lessons of the wilderness, exploring the heights of mountains, and bonding with our community that shares a desire to be outside.

Yet, after the 2016 elections, I’ve decided that if we want to see our values as mountain communities protected, we can no longer sit on the sidelines. We can no longer only vote and hope for the best outcome. To truly protect our backyard, our community, and our environment, we need to work hard to ensure we leave our children the same future, opportunities, and environment we had when growing up.

Our current representative in Congress is not one of us. He has never lived in our district. He is a career politician whose values and interests are more aligned with those of southern California where he got his start in politics. He does not understand our challenges.

We know that one spark on a dry summer could ruin everything we have. He has done nothing to invest in adequate fire prevention to protect our towns and forests. We know that healthcare can be a long way away from home and more costly compared to other places. He voted earlier this year to take away our health care and make it more expensive. We know that snow-capped peaks are our year-round water source, as well as a driver of tourism, jobs, and economic stability. He believes climate change is a hoax and our rapidly changing weather patterns are of no concern. His policies do not represent what we know as mountain people.

When I met Jessica this April, I immediately knew she was one of us. She’s a true outdoorswoman. She’s hiked our entire district from top to bottom. She has a deep understanding of our concerns - from rural healthcare to rural broadband, fire prevention to forest management, and climate change that threaten our way of life. She has listened to us and will fight for us. She will give us a voice in Congress.

McClintock is trying to have it both ways with the GOP tax cut. Don’t buy it: This plan serves Koch Industries

Sacramento Bee | Jessica Morse                         

In this op-ed by Jessica, she points to the faults in the Republican tax bill that will have serious implications for the people of California's 4th Congressional district.

"With four in 10 taxpayers in my district claiming the SALT deduction, that’s a lot of folks who’d be double taxed."

Democrats add Tom McClintock’s District 4 seat to list of 2018 targets

Union Democrat | Alex MacLean                         

Some of Morse’s top issues include bolstering access to high-speed Internet in rural areas, vocational training and investing in fire protection. “(McClintock) believes government should do nothing, but there’s a real cost to ignoring the problems in our district,” Morse said.

Morse Says She is Running for Congress to Help Break Up the Partisan Gridlock

Mariposa Gazette | Greg Little                             

A candidate for the California 4th District congressional seat is making national news. Jessica Morse, a Democrat, raised more money in the last quarter than incumbent Republican Rep. Tom McClintock. According to California election records, Morse raised more than $268,000 in the third quarter while McClintock raised just under $150,000.

Daily Kos Elections Live Digest: 10/20

Daily Kos | Jeff Singer

This seat, which stretches from the Sacramento area through Yosemite, backed Trump 54-39, and five-term GOP Rep. Tom McClintock hasn't looked vulnerable at all since his tight 2008 win. So it came as a surprise to us when Democrat Jessica Morse, who served as a national security strategist for the Department of Defense, the State Department, and USAID, outraised McClintock $263,000 to $150,000 during the last quarter.

DEMOCRATS raising money fast in contested CA HOUSE races

Politico California Playbook | Carla Marinucci and David Siders

"Six of the seven incumbents were in the nine seats targeted by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC). In the seventh, CA04 Democrat Jessica Morse posted an unexpectedly strong showing, raising more in a single quarter than each of incumbent Republican Tom McClintock’s opponents managed to raise for their entire campaigns in the 2012, 2014, and 2016 elections."

Half a dozen GOP House incumbents were out-raised by Democratic challengers in California

Los Angeles Times | Christine Mai-Duc

Nearly half of California's 14 Republican House members were out-raised by upstart Democratic challengers, the latest campaign finance filings show...Discounting personal money, Republican Rep. Tom McClintock of Elk Grove had the biggest deficit. Democratic challenger Jessica Morse raised six figures more than him, with $268,271 in contributions.

Fundraising reports show Rep. Tom McClintock's challengers could give him a run for his money

Los Angeles Times | Chris Megerian

One of four Democratic challengers, Jessica Morse, raised more money than McClintock in the third quarter of this year, according to new federal filings. Morse, who previously worked on national security issues for the federal government, pulled in $268,271. That's way more than McClintock's $149,503. She had $247,799 in cash on hand, only $105,917 less than McClintock, as of Sept. 30.

Jessica Morse is a 5th gen Californian running for Congress in the Sierra foothills

The Arena | Ravi Gupta

Jessica is a candidate for Congress in California’s 4th District. Jessica and her family have lived in this district — the Sierra foothills — for five generations. Before entering the arena and running for Congress, she built a career in national security. We talk about everything from forest fire prevention to reaching across the aisle to appeal to voters from different parties. Jessica is part of our inaugural class of Arena Fellows. She’s someone we truly believe in, and think she represents the next generation of leaders in our country.

My Mother's Daughter [Blog]

Jessica Morse

My mom would have loved this campaign.

It would have been a joy to have been driving through our beautiful Sierra together. She would have come to every event wearing a “Jess We Can” button and would have become fast friends with everyone. Let’s face it, she would have been more popular than me!  

As much as I miss her, I am not without her. This campaign is succeeding because of the foundation of strength, grace, and unconditional love she gave me.

When I take the time to listen and understand, rather than judge or react, that's my mom. I started this campaign with a three-month listening tour - that idea came from my mom’s intellectual curiosity, instilling in us a commitment to understand rather than assume. My mother taught me to look for solutions when others give up.

People say campaigns can be emotionally and physically grueling. It is the grace of my mother that allows me to smile in the face of criticism. It is the unfailing joy she demonstrated that has made every day of this campaign journey uplifting, inspiring, exciting, and filled with purpose.

My mother once told me that my sister and I are her legacies. Today, that makes sense to me. I am running a campaign built on problem solving and service - this is a campaign that seeks to inspire, rather than divide. This is the legacy of my mother.

Will McClintock finally face a real challenge?

The Modesto Bee | Marc Boyd

Jessica Morse of Pollack Pines graduated from the Woodrow Wilson School of Public Policy at Princeton with roots that go back five generations in the Sierra foothills. For over a decade, she worked as a national security strategist for the Defense Department, State Department and USAID. Morse is proud to have been involved on the diplomatic side of the military, focused on ending conflicts and bringing troops home. She wants to revitalize the local economy with vocational training focusing on jobs in renewable energy, forest restoration, wildfire prevention and rural health care.

Protesters walk out of Tom McClintock’s town hall, vowing to replace him

The Sacramento Bee | Angela Hart

Jessica Morse, a Democrat running against McClintock who previously worked at the Department of Defense, the State Department and in Iraq for the United States Agency for International Development, listened to the crowd inside and out. She said she’s running because she feels the district has been under-represented in Congress for years.

Our First Class of Fellows

The Arena | Ravi Gupta

In November 2016, The Arena set out to build a community that activates the next generation of civic leaders who believe in an equitable and inclusive democracy. Today, we take another critical step in that mission as we announce our inaugural class of Arena PAC Fellows. These leaders, all brave first-time candidates for elected office in 2018, were selected based on their ability to do the following: communicate their story and values, bridge across political parties and ideologies, grow and improve as leaders, and showcase strong and viable early-stage campaigns. They represent a new generation of authentic leaders who will shift the culture of our politics.

How to take back the House? Great candidates! Meet Jessica Morse in CA who is taking on McClintock.

The Daily Kos

[Morse] is a mix of force, intelligence, and confidence. She has her facts down and when watching her speak I imagined how she might do in a debate with McClintock. I think she could take him. If she keeps up her personal relationship with the voters, she might be able to turn this red district blue.

2018 House Bottom Lines: Alabama to California

The Cook Political Report | David Wasserman

McClintock sits in a staunchly Republican seat but his reputation as a conservative ideologue who carpetbagged his way here from southern California has made past races closer than they should have been. Democrat Jessica Morse, an outdoors enthusiast and former USAID official, has generated some 2018 buzz. Keep an eye on this race, but it would take an epic wave to oust McClintock.

Think Local. (With A Shout Out to Jessica Morse - CA04 Congressional Candidate)

The Calamity Chronicle

Morse has literally walked the district from top to bottom, with her family living in the district for multiple generations. In the time that she spoke, Morse exemplified a qualified candidate that knows the challenges and the issues facing this district, but also understands global issues, and can point to how local and global issues connect.

Podcast 21 - CA04 Congressional Candidate Jessica Morse

Indivisible Yolo Podcast

We talk to Jessica Morse, who is running for Congress in California's 4th District! We discuss her career as as public servant and national security strategist, and how her experience abroad has prepared her to serve her community at home. We chat about job creation, environmental protection, and how you can get involved in the campaign.

The Trump effect: Women aren’t just marching, they’re running

San Francisco Chronicle | Joe Garofoli

“If not me, who? And if not now, when?” said Morse, 35, a former State Department employee who spent time in Iraq during the war a decade ago. “What is there to be afraid of? I’ve been to Iraq.” ... “I’ve always been either the only woman in the room or the youngest by 30 years,” Morse said. “Whenever people have told me that I can’t do something, I just say, ‘Watch me.’”

In desire to turn red states blue, D.C. women return to home towns to run for office

The Washington Post | Michael Alison Chandler

Jessica Morse, 35, a national-security strategist who worked for the Defense Department and State Department under Obama, returned to her home district in Northern California to run against incumbent Republican Rep. Tom McClintock.

Coup d' éTom, Part 1

52 Breads: Weekly Action During Trump's First Year

Jessica Morse has lived in more third-world countries than most Americans have lived in states.  Fresh out of college, there was Ethiopia, where she worked for a famine relief NGO. Then there was a gig in Iraq with the U.S. Agency for International Development.  In India, while at the U.S. Pacific Command, she was tasked with strengthening the U.S./India defense relationship. And in Nepal, she followed her own vision, helping Nepalese women launch careers as mountain guides.

Jessica Morse for Congress, CA District 4

The Hot Chick Politic Show

Find out more about Congressional Candidate Jessica Morse. Her stories are real, her experiences are unique and she's ready to fight for CA District 4!