I believe we can have effective border security, without sacrificing our values and our economy in the process. America became a great country by welcoming generations of people from around the world, and uniting them into one people with a rich culture and an innovative economy. America still has that power. We have the ability reform our system to support American workers and businesses, bring immigrants out of the shadows, and focus enforcement most effectively. As your Congresswoman, I will work to...


A strong country has strong borders. But we should secure our borders using the best, most cost-effective tools available. Building a wall will cost hundreds of billions of taxpayers dollars while doing little to resolve the actual sources of undocumented immigration. Illegal border crossings are at a 46-year low, and most undocumented immigrants today come into the country legally but overstay their visas. Instead of building an expensive wall, we should invest in more effective approaches including remote sensors along the border, a biometric entry and exit system, and a crackdown on human traffickers.


In 2013 US Senators in both parties came together to pass a bipartisan, comprehensive immigration reform that increased border security and provided an earned path to citizenship for those already here. The independent Congressional Budget Office estimated the reform would reduce the deficit by $175 billion, but Tom McClintock and his allies in the House refused to even vote on it. Ignoring practical solutions on immigration, while exploiting the issue for political gain, isn’t good enough for this community. I pledge to sit down in good faith with people from both parties to pass a reform that actually fixes what’s wrong with our immigration system, once and for all.


Most Americans oppose separating innocent children from their parents, or forcing hardworking young people to leave the only country they call home. Tom McClintock has blamed immigrant parents for having their children taken away from them, and told Dreamers who’ve been here since early childhood that they should leave the country. I reject these attempts to divide our community, and I will fight to keep vetted, legal immigration.  


A root cause of our immigration challenges is that our current system for granting work visas doesn’t address employers’ real needs. Here in our district, local businesses in construction, agriculture, and recreation count on the skills and drive of immigrant workers. But rather than a well-managed system of legal work visas, we’ve created an underground economy that’s bad for everyone. In Congress, I will work to reform our visa system to provide for an appropriate level of vetted, legal immigration that meets the needs of local business.