Rep. Tom McClintock Casts Vote After Vote to
Harm the 4th District

Ends week by siding against seniors, kids,
military families, and more


Saturday, June 23rd, 2018
Makaiah Mohler, (530) 913-3242,
Anthony Kusich, (916) 288-2228,

ROSEVILLE, Calif. – Following a tumultuous week in Washington, career politician Tom McClintock took several key votes in committee and on the House floor that would harm families across the 4th Congressional District. As a member of the House Budget Committee, McClintock has consistently voted to balloon the federal budget deficit to enrich special interests while cutting programs that benefit families, children, and seniors.
Among the divisive votes McClintock took this week are: 

  • AGAINST an amendment that would have redirected less than 1% of revenue away from the unpopular tax bill to provide death benefits for surviving military "Gold Star" families who are victims of a penalty loophole. Making sure all military families receive benefits when they lose a servicemember is an extremely important issue for the 56,000 veterans living in the 4th district.

  • FOR budget that cuts $537 billion from Medicare, $231 billion from student loan programs, $59 billion from veteran's benefits, and $4 billion from Social Security. These cuts will directly impact more than 160,000 seniors – almost one-fourth of the entire population of the 4th district – who rely on Medicare and Social Security. A 2016 study concluded that 40% of seniors in America would be living at or below the poverty level without Social Security.

  • AGAINST a bipartisan bill – that only 14 other members of the House voted against – to address the nationwide opioid crisis and provide treatment for addiction. The opioid epidemic has hit home in this community, where 88% of people who need addiction treatment do not receive it. In 2016, 279 people in California's 4th district died from an opioid overdose.

These votes follow McClintock's controversial support for the tax bill passed last fall that opened up California homeowners to thousands of dollars in increased property taxes, as well as 2017's healthcare bill that would've kicked 300,000 residents of the 4th Congressional District with preexisting conditions off their insurance plans.

"Career politician Tom McClintock is out of touch with the hardworking families from our community who are trying to get ahead," said Jessica Morse, the Congressman's opponent in November. "A representative's primary job in Washington is to be our voice, yet McClintock continues to vote against seniors, students, and military families. You can be sure that in Congress, I will always work across the aisle to find solutions and put the people of this community first."