For generations, a high quality public education has been the pathway into the middle class. And for generations, our public education system fulfilled that promise for students and parents. Now, at a time when inequality is worsening and ordinary people are having a harder and harder time getting ahead, we're called upon to redouble our commitment to that promise. Today we know that a good education is a lifelong education, starting with preparing the youngest children to learn and continuing with ensuring that every high school graduate is college or career ready.

As the daughter of two public school teachers I know firsthand the challenges of meeting America’s promise to a quality public school education, but I also know the resilience and resources of the people within the education system. I will work to fund Pre-K for all, ensure our public school teachers have the resources they need to serve our children and families, and ensure that students don’t end up with piles of debt while trying to gain access to college and career choices. As your Congresswoman, I will work to...


The current administration wants to privatize education, making it more difficult to obtain a quality public school education and increasing the gap between the wealthy and poor. I will work to ensure public education remains a public good. Tom McClintock has voted to take away funding for after school and enrichment activities, resulting in the National Endowment for the Arts grading him an “F.” I will fight to ensure all schools have the resources to provide full day activities for children, including sports and arts programs which experts agree are integral to a quality education, regardless of the economic status of the families they serve.  


Education can no longer begin for children at 5 or 6 years old. Overwhelmingly, research demonstrates the necessity of early education, beginning well before traditional kindergarten age. Tom McClintock has voted against increasing funding for early childhood education, solidifying it as a private good for only his wealthy friends. However, we know that investing in early education is investing in our future and studies show that the return on investment not only pays for itself financially, but also insures that all children, regardless of economic status, earn the opportunity for success later in life. I will support funding Universal Pre-K for all, investing in our children and our future.


California has led the way towards demonstrating that community college is a pathway to 4-year universities as well as strong vocational and technical careers. Our state has been celebrated for our university system, and for how affordable we have made it for our residents. I will take our plan to Washington and work to ensure that those who want to go to college have the resources to do so, but I will also ensure that technical and vocational options remain promising programs available to students for whom a 4-year degree is not the path.    


Student debt is a major problem in America. I don’t think that students wishing to attend college should be required to encumber crushing debt, Tom McClintock thinks the opposite. Tom McClintock just voted to remove federal funding for students to help pay for college, including Pell grants, generally accepted as the foundation of a financial aid package for undergraduate students. I also support a public service debt forgiveness plan, contrary to Tom McClintock and his friends. If students want to serve America in repayment for college assistance, I want to support them.