Tom McClintock Still Non-Committal on New Tahoe Debate

Hesitancy follows victory by Jessica Morse in first debate meeting


Tuesday, September 25th, 2018
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ROSEVILLE, Calif. – Late last week, Jessica Morse announced she had accepted three additional debates in her race against Congressman Tom McClintock in the 4th Congressional District, including one to be hosted in El Dorado County by the Lake Tahoe Community College Foundation. As of today, McClintock has yet to accept. This follows the Congressman's last-minute cancellation of another debate in Lake Tahoe that he had previously committed to earlier this month. Thus far, only one face-to-face meeting has taken place between the two candidates in a district that spans ten counties and hundreds of miles.

ICYMI: Jessica Morse Is Clear Winner in Mariposa Debate

Sacramento Bee:  None of the issues McClintock and Morse tackled in Sunday's debate proved more contentious than questions surrounding their qualifications to represent the voters of the conservative region. "Our country's gonna be better off if we stopped electing politicians, and instead, starting electing public servants," Morse said. "Congressman McClintock has spent 40 years as a career politician... Today, our voters have a choice. You have a choice between a career politician from Southern California who doesn't live in our district and a homegrown public servant." Before his election to Congress in 2008, McClintock represented Southern California while serving in the legislature for 22 years.
Fresno Bee:  Morse labeled McClintock a "career politician" several times throughout the debate and argued he opts to vote with his party rather than his community, citing his support of the repeal of Obamacare and the country's newest tax plan. McClintock defended both of those stances... Said Morse: "What I am supporting is a strategy to ensure that everyone, regardless of if you live in a rural, or an urban, or a suburban community, have access to affordable, quality health care because our lives depend on it."
Union Democrat:  Morse tried to score points on McClintock by portraying the 2013 shutdown of the federal government and Yosemite National Park as a devastation of local, tourism-based economies, including those in the town and county of Mariposa. "That shutdown came on the heels of the Rim Fire," Morse said. "That was a disaster and they had to close to the park. Tom McClintock voted to shut down the government and put us through another disaster just to make a political point."
KSEE-TV:  Candidate Jessica Morse touted her time in Iraq, sharing ideas for thoughtful forest management, immigration reform and border security, using drones, and a price-transparency bill to bring healthcare costs down. "I think the issues in our community don't divide us... Everyone in this audience today, are our neighbors, and deserve to have a voice and deserve to be heard," Morse said.