Two Weeks Out: Where Does Tom McClintock Stand?


Monday, October 15th, 2018
Anthony Kusich, (916) 288-2228,

ROSEVILLE, Calif. – Today, exactly two weeks before voters head to the polls, there are still major questions Congressman Tom McClintock has yet to answer to his constituents. With the final campaign stretch just ahead, will McClintock explain why:

1.  He continues to accept hundreds of thousands of dollars in corporate donations, both before and after his controversial vote for a tax bill that gave breaks to special interests at the expense of working families.

  • McClintock has taken over $400,000 from corporate PACs while in Congress, and voted for a $50 billion tax giveaway to big corporations.    

  • Jessica Morse, his Democratic opponent, took a pledge to reject special-interest money, and hasn't taken a dime from corporate PACs.

2.  He thinks pre-existing conditions are simply “nuisances” that don’t need to be required for coverage in health insurance plans.

  • In an interview last year, McClintock called pre-existing health issues "nuisance conditions," then proceeded to vote for legislation that would repeal the Affordable Care Act and toss nearly 300,000 of his constituents with pre-existing conditions off their insurance plans.

  • Just yesterday, the administration announced a new policy to allow insufficient short-term health plans to count as having coverage. These plans often exclude any coverage for pre-existing conditions. 

  • Morse has a plan to increase access to affordable healthcare for all Northern Californians, making sure that seniors, women, and those with pre-existing conditions are not charged more or denied coverage.

3.  He has voted over 95% of the time along straight party lines, and has no major bipartisan accomplishments to speak of.

  • Over his career, McClintock has voted the party line 95% of the time, and doesn't have a single notable bipartisan accomplishment to his name.

  • Morse has support from numerous Republicans and Independents in the district, and has vowed to put this community before any party or political agenda to find solutions.