Home to the Sierra Nevada mountain range, our district generates much of California's water. Unfortunately, California has been following an antiquated water plan.

In Congress, Jessica will work to...

Create a Culture of Conservation. Landscaping with drought-resistant native plants and incorporating rainwater capture for plants are two small examples of the shift we need to make.

Invest in Smart Infrastructure. Many of our charming historic gold rush towns unfortunately still have historic water infrastructure, losing over a quarter of their water through leaky clay pipes. We can save our water supply, create jobs, and enrich our communities all at once by bringing our water infrastructure into the 21st century - and we must stay away from dangerous proposals like building the Auburn Dam, which would sit on a major fault line.

Restore Nature's Reservoirs. Rather than focusing on costly and dangerous above-ground storage, we need natural solutions like replenishing underground aquifers and restoring alpine wetlands, which act as natural sponges and filter water through the mountains through the rest of the year.