The Sierra Nevada is the source of more than 60% of our state’s water. But while Tom McClintock backs big dam building projects designed to move mountain water to the Central Valley and Southern California, our rural water systems are in need of serious attention. I’ll put the needs of our district first, by focusing on the safety and purity of our local water supply and the health of our watersheds.  

As your Congresswoman, I will work to...

Protect clean water for rural communities. Many of the small water delivery and water treatment systems that serve our communities date as far back as the Gold Rush. They are at risk, both physically and financially, and that creates risks for our families and businesses. From fixing corroded pipes to cleaning up mining toxins to ensuring our systems can survive the next big fire, I will work to direct resources toward our communities’ needs rather than to big water projects that don’t benefit us.

Preserve local control over California water. Our representative has led an effort to use federal authority to reverse California state water laws, and to ignore hard-won local agreements balancing the needs of farmers, commercial fisheries, water quality, and the environment. I’ll work to preserve state and local law on water policy, and to prevent well-funded special interests from using Congress to override the public interest.

Choose safe, cost-effective natural solutions to meet water needs. Not only do big dams serve mainly to ship water out of our district, they are a far more dangerous and less cost-effective approach than investing in the health of our watersheds. I support restoring alpine wetlands, managing forests for water conservation, and replenishing underground aquifers. Complemented with investments in efficiency, water recycling, and stormwater capture, these approaches can safely meet our long-term water needs at lower costs and with less environmental impact than surface storage.